Scorpio Weekly Forecast Feb.2022

susan miller Scorpio weekly february 2022
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: First Week of February 2022

Between 1st & 2nd success is indicated in educational pursuits. You may expect some guests whom you may welcome lavishly.

You’ll be drawn in literary and creative activities. Between 3rd & 4th you may come in close contact with a VIP who shall be quite helpful. Many influential persons may come under your contact. Between 5th & 6th you’ll enjoy a rare domestic peace. You may be drawn in religious rituals which will help you achieve your targets. Your hardwork will be duly rewarded. Your professional and personal duties will be focussed at single point for some time. But on 7th a false charge may be leveled against you. You’ll feel quite vexed.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: Second Week of February 2022

On 8th some old worry may resurface. You may be slighted by some senior in the place of work. May suffer a heavy loss. But between 9th & 11th you may get victory in all your Govt. related cases. All your pending or held up projects will gather momentum. You may indulge in some public welfare work. You shall remain cool and collected, suppressing your aggressive nature. Between 12th & 13th you will enjoy a favourable tide.

May have warm relations with your spouse. You’ll use your talent to further polish up your creative instincts. May go to attend some religious or social functions or even on a sight-seeing tour. Picnic and theatre visits are also possible.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: Third Week of February 2022

Between 16th & 18th befitting your position. Some additional responsibility may be entrusted to you which you’ll discharge not with a plumb. Hurdles in your work may make you morose and disappointed.

May have to consult a doctor for your physical check up. You could get a person who may bore you severely. Between 19th & 20th you may suddenly get some money. It is about time you implement your coveted schemes. A good rapport with the spouse is indicated. May go to buy a new vehicle. Your rivals and opponents will be losers. Between 21st and 23rd you’ll have a satisfactory phase. Financial dealing like operating in share business may keep you engrossed. Your efforts will be quite useful and satisfying.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: Fourth Week of February 2022

Between 24th & 25th you’ll have to work very hard to prove your ability and worth, for which you’ll be rewarded. But between 26th & 27th the Moon in 4th may give you some trouble. May pick a quarrel with your spouse or brother on a trifle issue. You may have a big monetary loss. Change of place is also possible. But the new station may not suit you.

All your projects will be delayed. A business loss is also likely to happen. The situation may turn better from 28th when you may have some new sources of income.

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