Leo Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

susan miller Leo weekly february 2022
Leo Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

Leo Weekly Horoscope: First Week of February 2022

The Moon’s transit in 8th between 1st & 2nd may upset you. Drive your vehicle cautiously. Read the papers before signing them as your close ones may try to deceive you. Work load and the growing responsibilities may press you down. Between 3rd & 4th students will remain busy in their studies. You may also derive a high level satisfaction from the work you’re involved in. Your honour and renown may be boosted. May consult some expert on an ongoing complicated case. May repay your old debt easily. May also recover some money given on loan all of a sudden.

However, be cautious about your precious processions. May plan a new venture. Since the tide may be unfavourable, take special care of your health.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Second Week of February 2022

On 8th your almost in hand jobs will be held back.
Future may seen dark and dismal. The threat of exposure of some of your love affairs may make you jittery as your reputation may be sullied. Between 9th & 11th the growing expenditure may perturb you much. Chances of your further suffering losses may make you nervous. Don’t rely on anyone on money matters as your trusted persons may try to deceive you. But between 12th & 13th the financial condition may become better. Religion and spiritualism may give you better confidence. You may like to indulge in a bit of charity work. Between 14th & 15th the period will be quite productive, though good and bad, both type of results may be received. The future prospects may still remain dismal. But with fortitude and firmness you will take on these troubles.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Third Week of February 2022

Between 16th & 17th your growing Parakram shall assure you a better financial status. In the field of education you’ll get the desired results. Misunderstandings with your partner or associate will be gradually removed. Your boss or seniors may remain kind to you. But don’t trust strangers. Your talent and abilities will be appreciated by all. Between 18th & 20th, however, some untoward happening may take place. Your property related disputes will be gradually resolved through negotiations. The students may work hard but the results won’t be satisfactory. You could be a victim of some foul play. Between 21st & 23rd your health will remain good.

But shed your egoistic whims or you’ll suffer badly. Your all kids’ related problems will end.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Fourth Week of February 2022

On 24th you’ll remain engrossed in Lord Shiv’s worship. May get some hilarious news. You may be given additional responsibilities. Between 26th & 27th your all routine work will be easily done. Your spouse will be very cooperative. However, income will be normal. On 28th your enemies and foes may try to intimidate you. Your some deed may evoke much censure and condemnation from every side. You may also suffer a heavy loss.

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