Gemini Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

susan miller Gemini weekly february 2022
Gemini Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: First Week of February 2022

Between 1 st & 2 nd your honour and reputation will take an upward swing. Routine work will keep you busy. Most of your time will be spent in religious rituals. Between 3 rd & 4 th you’ll be emotionally very strong. May get money. Senior family members shall guide your way.

May go out on a sight-seeing tour. Between 5 th & 6 th you’ll have to be quite submissive to seek others’ cooperation to achieve your end. Socially you may feel rather lonely. Stay alert as the tide is not favourable. But by 7 th things will be normally favourable.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: Second Week of February 2022

You’ll succeed in your endeavour on 8 th and your close relations or friends will boost up your morale. Between 9 th & 11 th glamour, mysteries, beauty and humility may combine to make you happy.

You’ll have warm relations with your spouse and friends. Your contacts with the high personages will prove quite beneficial to you. Between 12 th & 13 th noon financial issues may overwhelm you. You may have cash but expenses will also upto quite exorbitant. You’ll show your mental worth to strike the balance. You’ll give much importance to your career and profession. But the period between 13 th noon and 15 th may corner your troubles connected with marital, investment, sale and purchase issues which you must tackle efficiently.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: Third Week of February 2022

Between 16 th & 18 th you’ll enjoy a favourable phase. You’ll be able to cross all your hurdles with your tact and prudence to get cooperation from your friends and close relations to achieve your purpose. You shall share your happiness with them. Between 19 th & 20 th you’ll feel much happy and shall extend it toward your spouse as well. Your area of thinking will widen. Success in love affairs is assured. May attend some social functions. Between 21 st & 23 rd you’ll iron out all your social disturbances. May enjoy a happy and contented time.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: Fourth Week of February 2022

Between 24 th & 25 th you may feel cornered with quite ticklish problems. May indulge in a bit of self-introspection to brood over the fundamental questions of life. However your mood may remain quite tickle. You’ll determine your aim and shall leave no stone unturned to achieve the same. Between 26 th & 28 th you’ll have a quite convenient phase.

It is about time you launched your coveted project. With luck favouring you, most of your domestic issues will be amicably settled. In your office you’ll enjoy an enhanced position. But you should remain careful about what you eat and drink, else the health could be affected.

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