Cancer Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

susan miller Cancer weekly february 2022
Cancer Weekly Horoscope 2022 February

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: First Week of February 2022

Between 1st & 2nd you’ll have full control over your activities. All your govt. related jobs will be duly accomplished. Love-affairs will be crowned with success. Enemies and opponents won’t be able to damage your interest. Between 3rd & 4th most of your ambitions will be realized. But you must set your targets intelligently. You’ll work hard and the results may also satisfy you. You’ll also gain much in whatever you do. Between 5th & 6th you’ll have a shower of praises and bouquets. In business and profession you’ll have good equation with your associates or even with subordinates. You’ll enjoy your work and may gain financially as well. In love affairs you’ll hold the sway. But 7th may give you jitters, so be careful.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: Second Week of February 2022

On 8th on a minor issue you may have a tiff with some one. Money due to you may be held back, disturbing your financial budget. But the phase between 9th & 11th will be favourable. Your career will acquire an stability. If you attend any test or interview the result will be favourable. But between 12th & 13th you’ll have a normal period. You’ll like to work in utter peace and tranquility and shall eschew the mad-rush for money. During this phase nothing tangible will be achieved but you’ll plan for a big project. You’ll be satisfied with your progress. Between 14th & 15th you’ll be on a sound financial footing. You’ll remain quite cautions and alert about your future. A long journey planned earlier may take place.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: Third Week of February 2022

Between 16 th & 18 th your shaken self confidence may puzzle you as much as to make you commit follies. Challenges booming overhead may add to your tension. The excessive sale-purchase dealings may puzzle you much. Between 19 th & 20 th you’ll indulge in your hobbies and do research work to your liking. May devote some time to your children’s work. Between 21 st & 23 rd you’ll have a greater hold and awe in the social and political circle. New contacts may prove very fruitful in the long run. Your seniors and juniors in your work-field will be quite cooperative. You’ll gain from your efficient working. Your hardwork will be duly rewarded.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: Fourth Week of February 2022

Between 24 th & 25 th you may have a normal time. But you’ll be brimful with your self-confidence and morale. May receive some happy news. But between 25 th noon and 27 th , the noon’s transit in 8 th may give you a plethora of troubles. Your interest could be damaged by your own confidants. You’ll remain as much busy as to find no time even for your normal care. Be careful about your health. By 28 th the tide may again become favourable. Some confusion may emerge about your progeny’s matrimonial alliance but soon this problem will be amicably settled.

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