Leo Weekly Horoscope December 2021

Leo Weekly Horoscope: First Week of December 2021

The opening of the month won’t be good due to the Moon being in 12th, but the tide may turn favourable between 2nd & 4th. A chance meeting with some old acquaintances may make you pass your time happily. You’ll feel quite satisfied with your success. You’ll remain fixed on your objective and even the occasional failure may not deter you from your path. You’ll learn from your mistakes. The student class may go on some educational tour. During this phase you’ll be quite ambitious and you may go extra mile to achieve the same. Between 5th & 6th somebody’s illness may drive you to the hospital. You’ll prove quite helpful to others during this phase. May also go to attend a marriage function. On 7th the Moon’s sojourn in 3rd may make your relations with your siblings quite warm. Financially you’ll be at the top and joint financial activities may keep you much engaged.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Second Week of December 2021

Between 8th & 9th you may start a new financial venture. This honour, be a good time for love and romance. May go out to buy new item of gift. Emotionally you’ll be quite vulnerable in this phase. Between 10th & 11th you’ll have to be guarded against dangers lurking all around. You’ll feel quite lethargic and inactive with no mental resolve, which will make you suffer. Some old/chronic disease may crop up.

Things will be a bit better between 12th & 13th though a kind of dilemma may overpower you.

You may have sour relations with the member of your clan. Between 14th & 15th you may get new sources of income which will make you spend liberally on your entertainment and indulgence in luxurious comforts.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Third Week of December 2021

On 16th you’ll have a good day, you’ll remain happy and satisfied. You must laugh a lot to enjoy good health. You may gain in your every endeavour. Between 17th & 18th the Lady Luck will shed her grace on you – even a little effort may give you a big success.

Your social status will also grow. You must worship the rising sun to ensure enhanced personal excellence or Parakrama. Between 19th & 20th the Moon in 8th may give you diseases and pain. Your domestic peace will be disturbed with the clashes and confrontation between the spouses. Guests arrival may further add to your tension. Be guarded in this adverse phase.

Between 21st & 22nd you may achieve some even impossible targets. On 23rd an outward journey is indicated which could be a pilgrimage as well.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Fourth Week of December 2021

On 24th you’ll feel quite fresh and energetic. You will get success in whatever you undertake. Between 25th & 26th you’ll have an excellent time. Success, happiness, renown, honour – you’ll get everything you ever aspire for. Financially also you’ll be well off. But between 27th & 29th a pale of gloom may suddenly descend on you. Some blood or skin related problem may cause much concern. Journey if undertaken will prove hazardous and the preparation for attending a programme will be curtailed mid-way. But things will again improve between 30th & 31st and you’ll celebrate the year’s end with great gusto. You will enjoy the year ending parties and functions. This favourable phase will make you enjoy your favourite TV programmes and choicest dishes. You’ll welcome the new year with much happiness and fanfare.

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