Will Leo Find Love in 2022 ?

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Leo in love 2022

Leo Love Horoscope 2022

Both your 7th and 8th houses are strong this year. They have been strong for many years, but especially now. As we mentioned, with Jupiter moving through your 7th house of love and marriage in 2021, many of you married or entered into serious kinds of relationships. Business partnerships also happened. This happy social trend continues in the year ahead. Those of you who are still single or uncommitted are likely to find that special someone later on this year.

Jupiter will be travelling with your love planet for a good part of the year.

Your powerful 8th house shows a year of greater sexual activity–more than usual. This too is a signal for romance. Whatever your age or stage in life, libido will be stronger than usual.

Jupiter will be travelling with Uranus (in varying degrees of exactitude) from May to early October. This brings sudden, dramatic, exciting love experiences–out of the ordinary–to you.

You are always a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person, but now more so. This can bring sudden breakups with a current love, with simultaneous encounters with a new love. The highs of love are ultra-high. The sky is the limit. You are meeting people beyond your highest fantasy–people you thought didn’t exist or who were ‘beyond’ you. There can be–especially for singles–serial love affairs this period. Every time you think you have met Mr or Ms Right, someone new comes along. It’s as if the ‘doors of heaven’ open up in your love life and you see what is attainable and possible for you. Why should you settle for less? The only problem here is instability. If you can keep this new relationship going–perhaps by giving it more work–marriage could happen.

Existing romances will become more honeymoonish–more romantic, more fun–during this period. You will do ‘out of the ordinary’ things as a couple–perhaps travel to exotic locales or go on a religious pilgrimage or things of that nature. Your whole love life will partake of the nature of the miraculous and you are likely to remember this period for many years to come.

Love is about fun this year. You feel that a relationship has to be fun–a way of adding to the joy of life. You are not too keen on the burdens and responsibilities of love these days. This will perhaps come in the future, but not right now. The person who can show you a good time is the person that allures you. Physical and sexual chemistry are also important, if not the main, attractions. With these attitudes, when difficult times come you (or your partner) want out: ‘I didn’t sign up for this…this is no fun,’ etc.

Love opportunities happen at the usual places–your usual haunts–places of entertainment, resorts, clubs, casinos, theatres, and at parties and social gatherings. From May 28th until August 14th opportunities come in foreign lands, in educational or religious/spiritual settings.

This is a good year for those working on either the first or second marriages. Those working towards their third or fourth marriage are having a status-quo year.

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