Will Gemini Find Love in 2022 ?

susan miller love horoscope 2022 gemini
Gemini in love 2022

Gemini Love Horoscope 2022

Your love and social life look happy and active in the year ahead. Very exciting. And there are periods in the year (as your love planet travels with Uranus) where it is like a soap opera or roller-coaster ride. It seems to me that you will have a successful social year.

Jupiter, your love planet, will be in your 10th house. This shows that love and marriage are very important to you. For many months in the coming year it will actually be the ‘most elevated’ planet in the horoscope–which shows your ‘highest aspiration’. This importance that you place on it–this interest–will enable you to deal with the various challenges that arise.

Your needs and desires in love are a bit complicated this year. Jupiter in the sign of Pisces would make you very idealistic. You would be more interested in the ‘pure feeling of love’ than in practical considerations. But Jupiter in the 10th house of career shows a practical side that is equally strong. So when you meet someone where the chemistry is good, where the love feeling is there, your practical side might not be happy–e.g. he or she has no status, no money, is not from the ‘right’ family, etc. Conversely, when you meet someone of high status–the good provider, etc.–your idealistic side complains ‘there is no passion here,’ etc. It is like having two people in the same body looking at things from opposite perspectives and arguing with each other–difficult to please both sides. Your ideal love this year would be someone who could please both sides of your nature–someone who is a poet, creative, spiritual, idealistic, but yet has money and status. This is not so easy to find, but this year you are likely to meet up with these kinds of people.

With Jupiter as your love planet you always like someone who is educated and refined. You are allured to academics, religious people and foreigners. You have a need for philosophical compatibility. And this year is no different. But as Jupiter moves through spiritual Pisces, the spiritual dimension becomes more important this year. You not only need philosophical compatibility but also spiritual compatibility–someone who is on your spiritual path, who shares your spiritual ideals and values. You can have great physical chemistry, but if the spiritual compatibility is lacking there will be problems.

Generally you find love and social opportunities in foreign countries or in religious or educational settings–at college or while taking courses or attending lectures, or at university functions or religious functions. Often love opportunities come through the matchmaking efforts of professors, priests or pastors. This is still true in the year ahead. But this year love opportunities happen as you pursue your career goals and perhaps with people involved in your career. This year you have the aspects for the classic office romance–a romance with a superior or boss. Status and power turn you on–but as mentioned there needs to be more than that.

Since Jupiter will be travelling with Uranus for many months in the year ahead, love can happen suddenly and out of the blue. A lightning flash from above. This is a year for ‘love at first sight’. The only problem with this is that love can end just as suddenly, too. It introduces instability in your love life. Existing relationships can suddenly break up due to meeting a special someone very suddenly.

Jupiter will be in your 11th house of friendships for a few months this year–from June 6th to September 10th. During this period love opportunities will happen at groups or organizations– and perhaps something that was just a friendship develops (suddenly and unexpectedly) into something more.

This is a good love year for those working on either their first, second or third marriages.

Those in or working towards their fourth marriage have a status-quo year.

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