Will Cancer Find Love in 2022 ?

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Cancer in love 2022

Cancer Love Horoscope 2022

As mentioned earlier, Pluto is now in your 7th house for many years to come. This trend is only in its beginning stages. There is a detox happening in your marriage, love and social life.

This detox will not only purify your existing relationships (and also business partnerships) but will detox your attitudes to love and marriage. It is leading you–eventually, and through trials and dramas–to your own ideal of love and marriage, your personal ideal. You will get a firsthand glimpse of the attitudes and expectations that are blocking this from happening.

Many a marriage will fail in coming years, but many will survive and become stronger because of this purification. Much depends on the strength of your commitment and on the basic soundness of your relationship. Fundamentally good ones will easily survive.

Your love planet will spend most of the year in the romantic sign of Libra–a good signal for love and romance. Though Saturn tends to be practical about love–seeks stability, security, earning power and the like–in Libra he becomes more romantic. Once the ‘practical issues’ are settled, Saturn can be quite romantic–and this is what is happening.

For a few months this year Saturn will retrograde back into Virgo–from April 8th to July 22nd–and this will be a more difficult love period. The tendency will be to ‘criticism and exaction’ and this is not good for romance. Though you might not be engaging in this, you can attract partners who are. Lighten up a bit. Perfection is something we work towards, it is a goal to be achieved, a path to walk–don’t expect it instantaneously.

Saturn will mostly be in your 4th house. This shows that family values, the ability to share feelings with another, emotional intimacy and emotional support are what you look for in a mate.

Since the 4th house rules a parent figure (in a woman’s chart it is the father, in a man’s chart it is the mother) you will be attracted to parent figures.

Love opportunities will tend to happen close to home this year. No need to travel far and wide looking for love–it is there in the neighbourhood (especially from April 8th to July 22nd) or through family connections and at family gatherings. There are also love opportunities at lectures, educational settings and neighbourhood gatherings (from April 8th to July 22nd).

For the past 2 years mental and intellectual compatibility was important in love–and this will be the case while Saturn returns to Virgo this year. But mostly now it is about emotional intimacy.

Some people feel that a romantic night out means going to the hot spots, the clubs or cabarets or theatre. But for you it could mean attending a lecture together, taking a course or just spending a quiet evening at home.

Those of you in or working towards their first marriage have a status-quo kind of year (though there is some crisis in the summer). Those working towards their second marriage have wonderful opportunities this year and it is likely to happen–either an actual marriage or a relationship that is like a marriage. Those working towards their third marriage have a statusquo kind of year. Marrieds will likely stay married and singles will likely stay single. Friendships seem status quo for all of you.

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