Will Virgo Find Love in 2022 ?

susan miller love horoscope 2022 virgo
Virgo in love 2022

Virgo Love Horoscope 2022

Last year–especially towards the end–was a fabulous love and social year. This trend continues in 2022. Perhaps even stronger.

The main headline is Jupiter’s move into your 7th house of love and marriage. This always brings marriage (or business partnerships, joint ventures and things of that nature) or serious relationships that are like a marriage. Even for those of you who are too young to marry, you will meet people who are ‘marriage material’–people you would consider marrying.

As mentioned earlier, ever since Uranus moved into your 7th house of love, your love life and social sphere in general have been quite unstable and chaotic. Oh yes, there has been love in your life, but it has been unstable and not likely to last. Many of you have been divorced and have been exploring the joys of social freedom. But now (actually since last year) you seem ready to settle down–to get serious. This time, this year, love looks much more stable than in previous years. For Uranus is getting ready to leave your 7th house of love–he has done his job; he has liberated you to pursue the social life of your dreams. He cleared the decks so that you can meet and have true love.

Many of you married last year or got involved in serious relationships. If you are still single, this is likely to happen in the year ahead as well.

You are allured by various kinds of people this year. One part of you is allured by health professionals or people involved in your health (and this has been a long-term trend). Office romances–romances with people you work with–have also been happening. But this year you are looking for someone highly educated, refined–more of a mentor type–than usual. Foreigners allure you. Romantic meetings can happen in foreign lands or in educational settings. You want someone you can look up to and respect. Women will gravitate to father figures. Men, to mother figures. Also, aside from all the other compatibilities in love, there is a need for emotional and philosophical compatibility. You want someone educated but with whom you can also share your feelings. Emotional intimacy is probably just as important as physical intimacy.

Religious-type settings also seem conducive for love this year.

The year ahead–especially from May 28th to September 10th–seems a more sexually active kind of year–another signal of a happy love life.

Those of you working towards or already in their second marriage are having a status-quo kind of year–though you will be more socially and sexually active. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. Those in or working towards their third marriage, likewise.

There are weddings in the family as well.

Old flames from the past are coming back into your life–to resolve old issues.

There are two eclipses (and we can perhaps count three) happening in your 11th house of friends–so friendships are getting tested in the year ahead. The good ones will remain.

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