Will Scorpio Find Love in 2022 ?

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Scorpio in love 2022

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2022

Your 7th house of love and marriage is not a House of Power this year, Scorpio, so the tendency will be to the status quo. Whatever your status, single or married, you seem content and have no need to make major changes. Generally this indicates that love and marriage are not major priorities for you this year as compared to other things in your life. This is the way the cosmos works–some years are love years, some years are money years, some are psychological years, some are spiritual years, etc., etc. This rotating priority of the cosmos ensures a wellrounded development as life goes on. Still, for singles we do see a very serious relationship brewing which begins September 8th to November 9th or from December 1st to the end of the year. Venus, your love planet, spends 3 months in your own sign. This is highly unusual. A normal Venus transit lasts 1 month. This year she will spend 3 months in your sign.

This suggests that love is looking for you during this period–and it will find you. This love seems of the marrying kind. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will marry, but the person that you meet will be marriage material–someone that you would consider marrying. Nothing special that you need to do; this person is coming to you. You just have to show up.

Venus will go retrograde this year. This retrograde, especially when you compare it to the other planets, is rare. With the exception of Mars, the other planets tend to retrograde every year, sometimes for many months. Venus only retrogrades once every 2 years, and since Venus is your love planet it has a stronger impact on you than on other people. During this period (October 8th to November 18th) love tends to feel like it’s going backwards instead of forwards. Sometimes relationships break up under this aspect. It is a time for rethinking and reviewing your current marriage or relationship and your overall love life. This is a time for seeing where things could be improved, so that when Venus goes forward on November 18th you can start to implement these improvements. This period is no time for marrying or divorcing, nor for making important social or love decisions.

Saturn has spent a few years in your 11th house of friends, and this has tested friendships as we have mentioned earlier. You still have a few months of this in the year ahead, from April 8th to July 22nd. Then these lessons are over with. As we have mentioned you will probably be left with fewer friends, but the ones that you have will be good ones. This is the message of Saturn.

Better one or two really good friends than hosts of lukewarm, phony ones.

Those of you who are in or working towards their second marriage are having your relationship tested as there are two eclipses in your house of marriage in the year ahead–and if we stretch we could say there are three eclipses, for the one on December 21st is right on the cusp of your house of second marriages. On the other hand, singles looking to marry for the second time could marry under these aspects as they indicate a change in marital status.

Those working towards their third marriage will have an easier time this year (as compared to the last 2 years) but the tendency is to the status quo.

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