Will Libra Find Love in 2022 ?

susan miller love horoscope 2022 libra
Libra in love 2022

Libra Love Horoscope 2022

A lot of change–a lot of excitement–happening in your love life in the year ahead. Next year will be even more eventful, but you will feel the beginnings of it this year.

Jupiter and Uranus will move into your 7th house of love and marriage for a few months this year. Uranus will move in first–clearing the decks, creating change and upheaval in a current social situation. Current relationships, current marriages, current friendships will get tested. But Jupiter coming into this house on June 6th (until September 10th) expands your social life, brings new and important friends into the picture, and for singles shows a new and important relationship–something that happens suddenly. It’s as if a ‘bomb’ explodes in your current social picture, obliterating all the patterns. And once that is done, new people come into your life. The obliteration is the prelude to the reconstruction.

For marrieds this can indicate various scenarios. The current relationship temporarily breaks up and then re-coalesces on better terms, or it breaks up and someone new comes in to take the place of the old.

Many a wedding bell will ring for Librans in the next 2 years.

There is another interesting thing happening in your love life this year, Libra. Mars, your love planet, will spend an unusual amount of time in your 11th house. Mars generally stays in a house from 1½ to 2 months (approximately). This year Mars will spend over 5 months in your 11th house, from January 1st to June 7th. This highly unusual transit suggests that you may become romantically involved with friends, or that a friend wants to become more than that. It will also show that romantic opportunities will come to you as you get involved with groups or organizations and group kinds of activities. This transit also indicates that the first 5 months of the year you want to be as much of a friend to your beloved as his or her lover. You want a relationship of peers, equals. It’s not just the romantic relationship but your friendship that’s important, too. Aside from this, romantic opportunities will come in the neighbourhood, with neighbours or in educational settings. Friendship is important but also intellectual compatibility, good communication and a need to respect and fall in love with your lover’s mind as well as body. Those working towards their first marriage have very good opportunities this year and even better ones next year. Those working towards their second marriage seem to have a statusquo kind of a year: singles will tend to remain single and marrieds will tend to remain married.

Those working towards their third marriage have very interesting opportunities from January 1st to June 7th.

Singles will have many–and exciting–opportunities for love affairs in the year ahead– especially from May to September. These seem to happen at the workplace or with those involved in your health.

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