Will Capricorn Find Love in 2022 ?

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Capricorn in love 2022

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2022

Your 7th house of love and marriage is not a House of Power this year, Capricorn, and as our steady readers know, this tends towards the status quo. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to say single. The cosmos is giving you freedom in this area, freedom to shape this area as you will. The problem with freedom is that you have little interest, so many of you will not exercise this freedom. This is what tends to happen when an astrological house is not strong.

Having said this, we need to make note that there are two (and perhaps three) eclipses in your 7th house of marriage. This is a lot of eclipse activity in one house in any given year. Thus your marriage or current love relationship, and business partnerships, will get tested in the year ahead–at least three times.

These testings need not break up your relationship. But they will bring up long-festering impurities, conflicts and dissatisfaction, so that you can correct them.

Perhaps you’ve swept these things under the carpet. More likely you’ve not even been aware that they existed or that they were as big a deal as they now seem to be. And so the cosmos brings you revelation–and an opportunity to make relationships even stronger than before. Good marriages and partnerships, good friendships, will certainly survive. Not only survive but they will become even better. It is the flawed relationships that are endangered.

Your 5th house of love affairs is not particularly strong, either. Of course, singles will date and go out, but it doesn’t seem that big a deal to you this year. Even your 11th house of friendships is not strong in the year ahead. Social matters are taking a back seat to other, more important issues–your physical body, your career, your finances and your home.

Those working towards their second marriage, or in their second marriage, are having an easier time in the year ahead as compared to last year. However there is still three months of testing from April 8th to July 22nd. Though your social life is improved, I don’t think there will be a second marriage for those of you who are seeking that. Those working on or in their third marriage are also having a status-quo year.

Parents or parent figures are having their marriages tested. This begins in 2022 but will continue for many years in the future. Children of marrying age are having a status-quo year.

Siblings have had their marriages tested for the past 2½ years. Some of this testing continues this year, but the worst is over–if their marriage has survived the past 2½ years, it is likely it will survive this year as well. Grandchildren of marrying age are likely to marry or be involved in a very serious relationship. Love is definitely in the air for them.

Your most active love periods in the year ahead will be from May 20th to June 14th and from June 21st to July 23rd.

Since the Moon–the fastest-moving planet in the horoscope–is your love planet, there are many short-term trends in love that we will discuss in the monthly reports.

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