Taurus October 2021 Horoscope

Taurus monthly horoscope 2021 october
Taurus monthly horoscope 2021 october

Monthly Horoscope October 2021 for Taurus

Jupiter has been in your 6th house of work all year and will be there until the 10th of this month. Your 6th house became powerful on September 22nd and remains so in the month ahead – 60 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there. This is a lot of power. It is a wonderful time for job seekers; there are multiple opportunities happening now. (The whole past year has been good for this, but now it’s even better.) Some of you could be working two or three jobs now. Others are merely having multiple employment opportunities. Power in this house also shows a great focus on health. But as we mentioned earlier, this focus can be too much. You don’t need to magnify little things into big things.

On the 11th Jupiter moves into your 7th house of love and will be there well into next year. Mercury follows on the 17th and the Sun on the 23rd.

Thus love is the main headline from the 23rd onwards. You will be in a yearly love and social peak. Singles are going to date more, and they will attract meaningful kinds of relationships. Many a marriage will happen in the next 12 months. Those already attached will be attending more weddings and gatherings. They will make new and significant friendships. A business partnership or joint venture might manifest.

Jupiter’s move into the 7th house brings financial windfalls and general prosperity for the spouse, partner or current love interest. (Prosperity will get even stronger in 2022.)

There’s more good news on the love front. Pluto (your love planet) started moving forward on September 28. So, all systems are go when it comes to love. There is opportunity and mental clarity – good social judgement. Enjoy.

The Sun will have his solstice on December 21. But this month Venus and Mars will have their solstice. They ‘pause’ in the heavens and then change direction. In the case of Venus (which is the more important one for you) this happens from the 16th to the 19th. So, this calls for a pause in your affairs and then a change of direction. It is a pause that refreshes. It might feel like a ‘stoppage’ but it’s not.

Mars, your spiritual planet, has his solstice from the 23rd to the 30th. This suggests a change of spiritual direction – perhaps a change of direction in the charities or causes that you support.

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