Virgo Horoscope August 2021

Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, August 2021

How is August 2021 for Virgo ?

Your 12th house became powerful on July 20 as Mars entered this house. On July 22nd the Sun moved in as well. This is the situation until the 22nd of this month. (There will even be an eclipse in this house on the 21st.) This is a period for making spiritual kinds of breakthroughs. It is good for the study of sacred literature, for meditation and contemplation and other types of spiritual practice. There is an inner idealist in every person – this is the time to set it free.

We have a Lunar Eclipse on the 7th that seems to affect you strongly. It impacts on Mars, your planet of death and transformation. This generally doesn’t show literal, physical death (you have to look at a lot more things to see that). But it generally indicates ‘close encounters’ with death – close calls. The dark angel comes calling and sends you a love message: ‘Be about the business that you were born to do, life here on Earth is short – it can end at any time.’ But this is only one of the meanings. This eclipse brings financial dramas to the beloved. Important changes will have to be made. If you are of an appropriate age you’re making changes to your will and insurance policies. Since this eclipse occurs in your 6th house there can be turmoil at the job or in the workplace. Job changes are likely. Often there are health scares and a need to change the health regime. Take a nice easy schedule over this period – there’s no need to tempt the dark angel more than is necessary.

The Solar Eclipse of the 21st occurs in your 12th house, but very close to the cusp of your 1st house and it affects both houses. If you were born early in the sign of Virgo – August 22–24 – you will feel it very strongly. Those born later in the sign won’t feel it that much. Once again (as in February) important changes happen in your spiritual life. I feel this is because of interior revelation that happens (you’re making spiritual breakthroughs this month). It would only be natural to change your practice and perhaps teachings as a result. Again, as in February, there are shakeups and upheavals in spiritual or charitable organizations that you’re involved with, and dramas in the lives of gurus or guru figures.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your own sign and you enter into one of your yearly personal pleasure periods. This is a time for enjoying the pleasures of the body, for getting it into right shape. It’s also a good time to get the image in right shape – the way you want it.

The issues in love that we discussed last month are even stronger this month. In love it’s all about learning to bridge differences – agreeing to disagree but with love and respect.

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