Taurus Horoscope 2022

how will be 2022 for Taurus
how will be 2022 for Taurus

Taurus Horoscope Overview 2022

Last year was a banner career year–for many of you it was a life-time high. There will be a little bit of a lull early in 2022 – to give you some time to digest, and acclimate to your success– and then, boom! You go even higher. Another amazing career year coming up.

Last year you worked hard and played hard–you managed to have some fun. This year it is not so easy. With career success comes more work and you will have to ‘carve’ out leisure time– even when you can’t seem to find any.

Spirituality has not been a major interest for some time, but this year we see big changes–not only short term, but on a long-term level. Two powerful planets–Jupiter and Uranus–make brief visits to your spiritual 12th house and this will activate your spirituality in a very powerful way.

You will not feel the full brunt of this in 2022 (unless you were born early in the sign of Taurus– April 20-22) but will start feeling it from 2023 onwards.

With Jupiter moving into your 11th house this year, this is a year for friendships, for involvement with groups and organizations and group activities. A happy area of life. New and prominent friends are coming into your life. This was a happy and active area last year and the trend is continuing.

Health was good last year and will get even better this year as Jupiter moves away from a stressful aspect to you. More on this later.

In 2021 Pluto–a long-term planet–made a major move into your 9th house. This began a longterm interest in religion, philosophy and higher education. This trend continues in the year ahead.

There is a detox–a purification–going on in your religious and philosophical beliefs. Two eclipses in your 9th house this year further reinforce what we say. Religious and philosophical beliefs–your view of the world and life–will get tested, and many deeply held beliefs will fall by the wayside.

Pluto’s move into Capricorn in 2021 brought important changes in love attitudes–especially for singles. This is a long-term trend. Love is looked at from a more practical perspective–in a bottom-line kind of way–the way an experienced older person might look at it. This year Pluto will be camping out on an eclipse point (the lunar eclipse of June 26th) for many months–and this is going to test existing relationships. More on this later.

Your most important interests in the year ahead will be children, fun and creativity (from April 8th to July 22nd), home and family (until June 7th), health and work (from January 1st to April 8th and from July 22nd to December 31st), foreign travel, religion, higher education, legal issues, career, friends, friendships, group activities and organizations, and spirituality (from May 28th to September 10th).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are religion, foreign travel, higher education and legal issues, friendships, groups activities and organizations (from January 18th to June 6th and from September 10th to December 31st).

Is 2022 a good year for Taurus?


Taurus 2022 Yearly Predictions

Is 2022 a good year for Taurus?

As mentioned earlier, spirituality is going to be very important in coming years. In 2022 you will only feel the first inklings–the first stirrings–of it, especially those of you born early in the sign. But in 2011 (and for years after) all of you will be deeply involved.

In fact we could go so far as to say that spirituality in coming years will be your single most dominant interest. For Uranus is your career planet–it is the planet of success on one level, but also the planet that shows your main purpose in life. His move into the 12th house, therefore, is very significant. There are many levels to this interpretation.

First off, you are going to be more idealistic about your career. You are going to want a career that helps the planet as a whole–something that blesses all of life. Career will not just be about personal success or ego gratification. (This has been happening in your life for some years and will only get stronger with time.) Second, even a mundane career will be enhanced by your involvement in charitable activities and altruistic causes. It’s a very curious thing: While you apparently deny yourself and help others–donate time and money for altruism–your career and public image are magically enhanced. There are all sorts of scenarios as to how this happens– you make important contacts as you do these things, you develop a good public reputation, superiors make note of your activities–perhaps most importantly, you pay off negative karma which might have been hindering you. When a person acts altruistically with no thought of personal gain, then, as Emerson said, ‘the universe conspires to make it happen’. All the powers of heaven will scramble to pay it, and if it can’t be paid in one way it will be paid in another.

For those of you already advanced on a spiritual path, this transit is showing something even deeper. That spirituality itself–doing your spiritual practices and exercises–is your career and purpose–everything else in life must be subservient to that. At first blush this seems outlandish.

What do my breathing exercises, chanting, prayer, meditation or asana practice have to do with my career? Plenty. These spiritual practices change your whole vibration and atmosphere. This changes the vibration of all whom you contact or associate with. And this actually changes the world. Someone in trouble comes into your aura and you are able to dispense help and healing– and this can have huge ramifications. You walk into a shop where perhaps a robbery or murder is about to happen and, because of your positive energy, it doesn’t happen. You sit next to someone on a bus or train–someone who is perhaps ready to commit suicide–and your mere presence, just the vibrations that you emanate, heal and soothe this person. These events are not things you read about in the newspapers–the 12th house is all about secret, behind-the-scenes activities–but they are nevertheless real. It is the ‘secret service’ of life.

Uranus moving into your 12th house also has other messages. It shows dramatic changes in your spiritual attitudes, ideals and practices. Those not yet on the path will get on it. Those already on the path will change teachers and practice. Easterners might choose a Western path.

Westerners might switch to the Eastern path. It also shows that the ‘spiritual side’ of astrology will become more interesting (Uranus rules astrology).

There are many, many valid paths to ultimate reality. But with Uranus in the 12th house you need a more scientific and rational approach. Mere faith (though important) and emotional exaltation (also important) will not be enough for you. You need to understand what is happening on a scientific level. There are many paths that deal with this–esoteric astrology, hermetic science, kabbalah (in the Western tradition) and jnana yoga (in the Eastern tradition). These will be things to explore in the years to come.

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