Scorpio Horoscope August 2021

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, August 2021

How is August 2021 for Scorpio ?

Career is still the main headline this month. Not only is your 10th house powerful, but there is a Solar Eclipse in this house on the 21st. So, there is a lot of activity and change happening in the career. Continue to watch the health this month – especially around the eclipse period. Those of you born late in the sign of Scorpio (November 19 to 22) are most affected – but all of you will feel it.

Health and energy should improve dramatically from the 23rd onwards (and most of you will feel better from the 22nd). In the meantime try to schedule more rest periods – though you still seem extremely busy. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report and continue to give special attention to the heart. Heat-oriented therapies – discussed last month – are still very effective.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 7th that affects you strongly. Reduce your schedule over that period and spend more quiet time at home. This eclipse occurs in your 4th house and affects the home and family. If there are hidden problems in the home, this is when you find out about them and can make the corrections. Family members (and especially a parent or parent figure) are more temperamental now and need more patience. Often this shows that they are experiencing life-changing kinds of events. Every Lunar Eclipse affects college-level students. They make changes in their educational plans. Foreign travel is best avoided during this period. If you must travel, try to schedule your trip round the eclipse – try not to be on the road or in the air at that time.

There are shakeups in your place of worship. Your religious and philosophical beliefs get tested. (This is a good thing, by the way – sometimes they need revision or discarding.) Since this eclipse impacts on Mars, job changes or changes in the conditions of work are afoot. Sometimes there are health scares too.

The Solar Eclipse of the 21st is technically in your 10th house, but it occurs very close to the cusp (the border) of the 11th house so it affects both houses.

There are career changes – changes in your corporate hierarchy, corporate policy or your industry. There are personal dramas in the lives of bosses, parents or parent figures. Friends have life-changing dramas too. Your hightech equipment gets tested.

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