Sagittarius Horoscope August 2021

Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, August 2021

How is August 2021 for Sagittarius ?

Another healthy and happy month. You’re doing the things that you love to do and that you are good at. You’re travelling (or making travel plans), learning and having religious and philosophical insights. Though your financial planet Saturn is still retrograde (he begins moving forward on the 25th) finances are good – though there can be some delays involved.

Health is excellent as we have mentioned. But after the 22nd, you will need to rest and relax more. Diet seems important in health until the 26th. Detox regimes are beneficial too. This is a very good month for losing weight (if you need to).

We have two eclipses this month shaking things up in the world and in your environment, but you seem fairly unaffected. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st affects you more strongly than the Lunar Eclipse of the 7th.

The Lunar Eclipse of the 7th occurs in your 3rd house of communication.

This will test cars and communication equipment. Some of it will need repair or replacement. Sibling and sibling figures in your life are experiencing lifechanging dramas – perhaps near-death experiences. You could be experiencing encounters with the dark angel too (he is really an angel of light, but we visualize him as dark because we fear him). If you’re having dreams of death – which often happens – understand them for what they are: love messages from above urging you to get on with your true purpose in life.

The spouse, partner or current love is forced to make major financial changes by this eclipse. Sometimes there are dramas with insurance companies or to do with taxes. Children and children figures should stay out of harm’s way this period. Speculations are not advisable either.

The Solar Eclipse of the 21st is stronger on you (but mostly for those of you born early in the sign – from November 21 to November 23). This eclipse occurs right on the cusp or border of your 9th and 10th houses and impacts on both of them. So foreign travel should be avoided – try not to be on the road or in the air during the eclipse period. Schedule travel plans around it. College-level students can change institutions or courses, their educational plans have to be changed. There are shakeups in your place of worship, and in your company and industry.

This eclipse seems to open career doors for many of you. Sometimes the cosmos uses dramatic means to manifest its plans. On the 22nd you enter a yearly career peak and much progress will be made.

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