Leo Horoscope 2022

how will be 2022 for Leo
how will be 2022 for Leo

Leo Horoscope Overview 2022

Last year was a banner love and social year–and the trend continues in the year ahead. Love is exciting, dramatic and unpredictable–a soap opera–just the way you like things. Many of you married in the past year, or got involved in serious kinds of relationships–those of you who haven’t still have wonderful aspects in the year ahead. But hold on to your hat, love is a rollercoaster ride–never a dull moment!

Mars moved into your own sign October 17th of last year and was there until the end of the year. This year Mars will be in your sign until June 7th. This is a highly unusual Mars transit–he will have been in your sign for almost 8 months instead of his normal 1½- to 2-month transit.

This is a good health indicator as it gives more energy and drive. It shows that you will be more athletic, more into physical exercise for the first 5 months of the year. And since Mars rules your 9th house many of you will be travelling and more involved with higher education, religion and philosophy. Many of these journeys and educational opportunities will happen suddenly and dramatically. For students going to university this is a happy aspect as it shows that universities are pursuing you rather than vice versa.

Jupiter moving into your 8th house in the year ahead shows that this is a year for paying off debt–or refinancing on better terms. For those of you of appropriate age it is a more sexually active year as well. When Saturn moved away from your money house last year, there should have been an increase in earnings–many financial burdens were lifted. Saturn will return to the money house for a few months, but will spend most of the year in the 3rd house. There are still some financial lessons to be learned, but most of it is over. The cosmos will ‘re-test’ you briefly to see how far you’ve come. More on this later.

Your most important interests in the year ahead will be the body, image and personal pleasures (until June 7th), finance (April 8th to July 22nd), health and work, love, romance and social life, sex, birth and death, reincarnation, life after death, occult studies, the deeper things of life, and foreign travel, religion, philosophy and higher education (until September 10th).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be health and work, sex, birth and death, reincarnation, life after death, occult studies, the deeper things of life, and foreign travel, religion, philosophy and higher education (from May 28th to September 10th).

Is 2022 a good year for Leo?


Leo 2022 Yearly Predictions

Is 2022 a good year for Leo?

Financial discipline is perhaps one of the hardest lessons for the Leo mentality. Leos are big earners and big spenders. Money is to be enjoyed and not hoarded. Though Leo is very creative and generally loves the arts, the art of financial management is not one of their arts. So, for the past 2 to 3 years, as the cosmos has called you to learn these things–your financial life has been difficult. Basically you are over most of this, but from April 8th to July 22nd you will be able to see how well you’ve done. Saturn retrogrades back into your money house and you must start managing your money better–start budgeting and make smarter spending decisions. The object here is not to make you a ‘skinflint’ but to show you how to be in control of your money rather than letting money control you. Budgeting and a regular savings and investment plan is not about ‘lack and limitation’ but more about ‘beauty’. Beauty is right proportion in all things. Our physical bodies, surroundings and affairs should be beautiful–just as the cosmos is beautiful–and so should our financial lives. Proportional spending and investing brings beauty to that area of life. If you think of yourself as a creative artist creating beauty in your financial life, the lesson will go better and more easily.

The next lesson–and this will be for most of this year and all of next–is about mental and communication discipline. Another difficult lesson for Leo. Leo believes in free expression.

What you see is what you get. What they feel, is how they express it. They are open and honest.

This is an endearing and wonderful quality. But in thinking and communication, you will need to do more homework. Just because you feel deeply about something–some subject–doesn’t make it so. And just because you feel like talking and emoting doesn’t mean that it’s always the right thing to do. Speech is an awesome power with awesome consequences. We know this just from observing everyday life. Someone tells you something that’s not true and you might act on it and experience loss or harm. Some innocent person can suffer the loss of his reputation because of reckless speech. But the power of speech, when understood on a spiritual level, is even stronger than this. Every word creates ‘psychic entities’–actual creations on other levels. And if they are the product of false, hateful, malicious speech, these entities contribute to the psychic pollution of the planet–they are like quasi-living beings that go out and do good or do damage, depending on the type of words spoken. It’s as if every human is creating his or her own heaven or hell, word by word and thought by thought. So this is a time to get this in order.

Metaphysicians assert that you can trace every condition in your life–good or bad–to some word that was spoken. When you speak, you are literally creating your future. So you want to make sure that your speech is true (if you are conveying information) and helpful and constructive to others.

Saturn in your 3rd house of communication for most of the year is going to make you more conscious of these things. He will slow you down a bit, make you think and pause before you speak and consider the ramifications of the power you are setting loose.

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