Aries Horoscope 2022

how will be 2022 for Aries
how will be 2022 for Aries

Aries Horoscope Overview 2022

In 2021 two major long-term planets–Saturn and Pluto–moved into a stressful alignment with you. This should not be taken lightly, as these planets are formidable and will test your mettle for the next 2 years. (It will be a lot easier for you in 2 years’ time.) You are in a period of character building. A period for gaining strength and for building up your spiritual and mental muscles. Rest assured, the cosmos–which is always loving and just–will not give you more than you can bear. It might push you to the edge, but never over the edge.

Yes, you will be working harder. Yes, your overall energy will not be up to its usual standards. Yes, you will feel like you are walking uphill with the wind blowing in your face. But if you don’t give up, if you reach into your inner reservoirs of strength, many blessings will come. You will learn the art of alchemy–the art of taking negatives and transforming them into positives. You will develop endurance and courage. You will learn to perform well under pressure. And when the difficult period ends, you will be oh-so-much stronger and more confident.

Last year was a strong social year–but more in the nature of friendships. This area is still strong, but not as much as last year. Romance and marriages were getting tested last year, and this trend continues in the year ahead. The cosmos is going to put your social life into the ‘right order’ and sometimes it uses dramatic means. More on this later.

Spirituality was important last year, and this year it will become even more important–as Jupiter will move through your 12th house of spirituality in the year ahead.

Both Jupiter and Uranus will move into your sign for brief periods in the year ahead–this is a major headline. These are slow-moving planets. The last time Uranus was in Aries was approximately 88 years ago (most of you have never experienced this energy in this lifetime).

The last time Jupiter was in Aries was 12 years ago. While these movements are not the ‘fullblown’ transit (this will happen in 2023), they are announcements of things to come–and they are good announcements. You are getting ready for tremendous freedom and financial abundance– and it can happen very suddenly. The very pressures on you, which seem so onerous and burdensome, will lead you to a greater freedom. (Those of you born early in the sign of Aries– between March 20th and 24th–will feel this transit most keenly.)

Last year Pluto moved into your 10th house of career for good (in 2020 he merely flirted with your 10th house). Pluto is now there for at least another 15 years. So your career is being ‘detoxed’–purified of effete attitudes and mis-thinking. More on this later.

Your areas of greatest interest in 2022 are spirituality, children, creativity and fun (until June 7th), health and work (from April 8th to July 22nd), love and marriage (from January 1st to April 8th and from July 22nd onwards), career, and friendships and group activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment are spirituality and career.

Is 2022 a good year for Aries?


Aries 2022 Yearly Predictions

Is 2022 a good year for Aries?

Spirituality has been important in your life for many years now. Uranus has been moving through your 12th house of spirituality since 2014. This year spirituality becomes even more important as Jupiter moves into this house on January 18th and stays there for most of the year ahead (there is a brief interlude from June 6th to September 18th where it leaves the 12th house– but mostly it will be in your 12th house.)

So this is a year of spiritual growth and expansion. More so than in previous years. Those of you already on the path will experience more success here–your practices will yield greater results. There will be much interior spiritual revelation happening. You will actually ‘enjoy’ your spiritual practice–it will not be boring or tedious or done out only through an exertion of will. It will be a joy. You will actually look forward to your periods of meditation and prayer.

They will be the highlights of your day.

Those of you not yet on a spiritual path will probably embark on one this year. The ‘great invisible’ has been calling to you for many years, and this year is likely to succeed.

Jupiter is your planet of religion, higher education and foreign travel. So his presence in your 12th house is giving us many messages. First off, you will be exploring the mystical traditions of your own native religion. No need to embrace other paths or other cultures–your own has everything you need if you could but penetrate it. What we call ‘organized’ or ‘exoteric’ religion is really the end result of the mystical experiences of its founders–it is based on mystical experience. If you can tap into this, you will have a newfound respect for your own culture and tradition.

But there are other messages here, too. This is a year for taking a religious pilgrimage. A year for taking spiritually-orientated retreats. A year for having personal experiences with the supernatural or paranormal.

The ‘great invisible’ has many ways of letting you know that it is around. Your dream life will become more active–and probably prophetic in many cases. In other cases it will just ‘dramatize’ a conundrum or problem you are having and thus reveal a solution. Often it shows the ‘why’ of a certain problem. Your intuition will be much sharper. There will be all kinds of synchronistic experiences–strange coincidences that can’t be explained logically. You think of someone and that person calls you. You wish for something and it happens. You need a parking spot in a busy area and it magically opens up. You are driving and an interior voice tells you to slow down, and right behind you is a police car.

This interior expansion is preparing the way for your greater freedom and prosperity in coming years. For as you ‘break through’ on the inner, the outer breakthroughs just naturally happen. You are seeing the intimate connection between your inner and outer life very starkly these days.

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