Virgo Weekly Prediction July 2021

Virgo weekly prediction july 2021

Virgo First Week in July 2021

Something unexpected may happen in the beginning of the month as the Moon will be in 4th between 1st & 2nd July. Marital discord may create some tension between the spouse. Starting a new venture may be full of hazards. Your close ones may create hurdles in your plan. Between 3rd & 5th the apprehension of transfer may assail the service people of this sign.

Students will make efforts to get higher education.

You must keep a vigilant eye on your partner’s activities. Religion may attract your attention much. With the expansion of your work field, you could be saddled with additional responsibilities.

Journey may brighten your professional prospects.

Between 6th & 7th you may get good money.

Efforts will assure success in any work. Property transaction is also likely. Children will love to indulge in games. You’ll win a debating contest. But be careful about your health.

Virgo Second Week in July 2021

Between 8th & 9th you may have a peaceful time. Sudden promotion and gains could be expected. Marital accord will be of great degree. May spend on entertainment. It is time you earned peacefully, without any hassle.

But between 10th & 11th you may have a trying phase. A tiff between the lover and the beloved, adverse effect of weather on your health, loss in speculative deals, loss due to over-reliance on somebody, dispute with your some old friend are the possibilities. Between 12th & 13th the tide may be favourable. You’ll sympathetically listen to others woes and may try to find solutions to their problems. Your neighbours, associates and even beloved may guide you during this phase.

Between 14th & 15th you may explore new openings professionally to brighten your future prospects.

Virgo Third Week in July 2021

Between 16th & 18th investments and loans may provide a practical base to your plans and schemes. During this phase for the sake of family’s prosperity, you may have to do some sacrifice. But you must not neglect giving your body adequate rest. You should work under no pressure. Between 19th & 20th you may feel a bit tense due to differences with your brothers and even with the spouse. Your kid’s wrong company may add to your tension. Between 21st & 23rd you’ll have contact with your farplace acquaintances. Health may need greater attention. Your income will be more than expenses at this juncture and you can afford to be a bit liberal. Saturn’s direct aspect on 9th may slacken the pace of your work or projects.

Virgo Fourth Week in July 2021

Between 24th & 25th you’ll feel mentally quite contented. You may find a new residence for you which may suit your requirements. You’ll feel quite cheerful. Between 26th & 28th noon you’ll have a lucky phase as far as money earning is concerned. You’ll have your house property renovated and add to your premises. Financial prosperity will be your top priority. But between 28th evening to 30th you may have a bad phase. Hurdles in financial gains, your getting distracted from your aim due to consideration for other’s relief which may make you suffer. Your mother may suffer physical discomfiture. But the tide will again be favourable from 31st. It is high time you started a new venture.

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