Scorpio Weekly Prediction July 2021

Scorpio weekly prediction july 2021

Scorpio First Week in July 2021

Between 1st & 2nd, mentally you may feel quite relaxed. Normally you’ll pass your time with peace, though minor health problems may emerge; yet nothing of any major concern. Between 3rd & 5th you may try to purchase some piece of the landed property and may partially succeed as well. Income will be there but the expenses may offset its advantage.

Professionally you will have to make valiant efforts. You must try to hone up your efficiency.

Between 6th & 7th the 4th moon may give rise to clashes and confrontations, worthless pursuits and even monetary loss as well. Marital discord may also crop up due to lack of mutual confidence.

Avoid being unduly skeptic. Headache and backache may trouble you a bit.

Scorpio Second Week in July 2021

Between 8th & 9th those involved in self-business may do well with enhanced margin of profit. Stealthily you may continue with your love affairs and romance. Your love will touch new heights. You may try to improve your financial status. Those in the technical line may get full reward for their hard work. Between 10th & 11th your efforts for professional improvement will bear friends.

Business conditions may also improve as you’ll make additional efforts for better income. The lady natives will be able to discharge their domestic and professional duties well. Between 12th & 13th you’ll have a much congenial domestic atmosphere as all the members will be quite affectionate for each other. However, between 14 th & 15th the Moon in 8th may cause tensions and afflictions.

Scorpio Third Week in July 2021

Between 16th & 18th you’ll have the company of your good friends. All the previous disputes and misunderstandings will be removed. Love escapades within limits will be satisfying. Your attractive personality may disturb you quite often with love proposals. Between 19th & 20th you’ll keep your behaviour much balanced.

Guests may come who will be treated by you very well. However some of them may make you jealous a bit. May attend some religious functions or conferences. Good news will be received. But be guarded when you drive your vehicle. Between 21st & 23rd your life will undergo a major change whose positive impact on your career and income will be apparent. Students will use their time very productively. Health, however, may remain unstable.

Scorpio Fourth Week in July 2021

A sudden journey between 24th & 25th will be possible though it may be quite hazardous and may prove meaningless also. Worries may mount and you’ll feel listless and forlorn. Although you will be quite cooperative with your associates, they might indulge in putting your leg a bit, causing hurdles in your promotion prospects. Between 26th & 28th you’ll discharge your duties as a parent quite efficiently. May go out to attend a religious discourse or hear it on your TV. You’ll take pains to make yourself much more presentable. You’ll keep your thinking absolutely positive. Between 29th & 30th you may receive blessings from your senior family members. You’ll enthusiastically participate in the entertaining programmes. On 31st you’ll have a swell time. You may get some money as well.

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