Sagittarius Weekly Prediction July 2021

Sagittarius weekly prediction july 2021

Sagittarius First Week in July 2021

Between 1st & 2nd your money, given on loan long-back and almost baddebted may be suddenly recovered. The worry related to progeny may end and business conditions may become much better. You may buy something new for home. Between 3rd & 5th you’ll have good terms with the high govt.

officials and shall come forward to help to needy ones. You’d set your target but in fact your mental condition be akin to an emotional but weak soldier. Between 6th & 7th your level of personal comforts and service may become very good.

You’ll give all family members their due honour and they will also reciprocate. You may have new friends. Your loaned out money can be recovered if you make sincere attempt.

Sagittarius Second Week in July 2021

Between 8th & 9th you may have an altercation with your brothers. You will incur enmity without any valid reason. Be careful about your enemies and rivals and eschew any possible clash, confrontation or brawl. You may suffer the loss of someone close to you.

Between 10th & 11th you may feel sad and forlorn but you’ll keep your balance eventually. May indulge in your hobbies. Meeting with friends and acquaintance may continue. Between 12th & 13th June arts like music and poetry may rivet your attention. You’ll have your prestige growing in the society. You may acquire the latest knowledge about new technologies. Between 14th & 15th the Moon in 7th may give you much peace.

Sagittarius Third Week in July 2021

Between 16th & 18th the Moon in 8th may make things difficult for you and you may feel helpless. Partial Kaal Sarpa Yoga by transit of planets may make you disinterested in your work. You won’t achieve anything either.

Students will study but they won’t understand the subject. But between 19th & 20th you may get success in all your govt. related cases. You must exploit this highly favourable period for you.

Between 21st & 23rd you’ll have company with ascetics or fakirs and this association may give you much benefit later on. Don’t let this favourable phase get wasted. Try to fulfill all your coveted wants. You’ll surely have your spiritual progress.

Sagittarius Fourth Week in July 2021

Between 24th & 25th you’ll have all favourable phase with gains received from all sides. You’ll like to read some top class religious literature like the Ramayan or the Gita. However you may not give your family members as much time as they deserve. Business will prosper well, spreading your fame all over.

Your close friends will be very happy with you, and so shall be the high govt. officers. But between 26th & 27th the 12th noon may prove very inauspicious. You’ll be surrounded by works.

You’ll feel depressed getting disappointment from every side. Things may improve between 29th & 30th when you will start scoring victory in all your legal cases or may get assured of your victory. On 31st you’ll feel mentally quite satisfied.

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