Libra Weekly Prediction July 2021

Libra weekly prediction july 2021

Libra First Week in July 2021

Gain in trade or profession between 1st & 2nd and the Moon’s transit in the 3rd house will enhance your personal excellence.

Your dedication to your aim will take you far ahead. Rivals and opponents will stand outclassed.

But you must invest your money judiciously. But between 3rd & 5th differences may crop up between father and progeny. You should remain aloof from all debates and altercation. Avoid useless flamboyance. Dispute with your brother may also crop up. Beware as you could be trapped in some problem. However you’ll remain full of energy in other spheres.

Between 6th & 7th you may remain busy in sale and purchase of the landed property. Mentally, intellectually and emotionally you’ll feel quite efficient and full of experience. But financially not any significant achievement is possible.

Libra Second Week in July 2021

May receive some happy news about your relation between 8th & 9th July.

Guests may drop in. Business-wise you may take some correct decisions. You may also be drawn towards ritual worship and realize the real meaning of life. With your neighbours and society you’ll have good terms. Between 10th & 11th some landed property dispute related issue may crop up. You’ll indulge in some cost-cutting but shall enjoy good food and drink. A good progress in business will fetch you good profit as well. But between 11th evening to 13th July you may face obstacles in your every work. In partnership business you may suffer a big loss as you’ll be deceived. But between 14th & 15th your business activities will spread and your say will command respect both at office and at home. May get new sources of income.

Libra Third Week in July 2021

Between 16th & 18th July your ability and talents will get their due recognition. Exposure of your love affair may create tension within the family. But you’ll concentrate on your professional progress. You’ll also work to consolidate your relations with others. The milk of human kindness will flow in your heart. Between 19th & 20th July moneyinflow will be thick and fast. It is time you brushed up your knowledge and fortify your morale through prayers and worship. Between 21st evening & 23rd July you’ll have much mental tension due to some unexpected money loss. Your hard work and dedicate won’t get you the commensurate gains. Enemies and rivals may try to outwit you.

Libra Fourth Week in July 2021

Between 24th & 25th your honour and reputation will swell. You’ll also have quite congenial family atmosphere; your friends will be quite supportive and you’ll have greater interest in fine arts/literature. Between 26th & 27th you may get mixed response. Mounting work pressure may make you feel exhausted and lethargic. Your close ones may behave like strangers. But between 28th & 30th money inflow will be thick and fast. You’ll plan for business/work expansion and may also start its implementation in right direction. But the period between 30th & 31st will be marred by clashes, confrontation, heated altercation and even physical brawl as the phase may be against you.

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