Leo July 2021

Leo horoscope july 2021

Leo Monthly Horoscope 2021 July

The month ahead is happy and prosperous – one of the best in your year, Leo.

There are so many nice things happening we don’t know where to begin.

First off, during this month and the next you are in a period of maximum independence and personal power. You can shape and mould your life to your specifications. You can (and should) have things your way. Your happiness is up to you. If you haven’t yet made the changes that you want to make, now (and August) is the time to make them.

Astrology confirms the spiritual teachings. Things – good or bad – have to happen internally before they can happen outwardly. These internal things are happening until the 22nd – with your spiritual 12th house very powerful.

After the 22nd, the internal expansion will manifest outwardly. Spend the early part of the month on your spiritual practice, the results will be seen later on. On the 6th Mercury crosses your Ascendant and enters your 1st house. This shows that money (and opportunity) pursues you. You can’t avoid it.

Financial windfalls happen. Friends bring financial opportunity. Online activities prosper. You spend on yourself. You dress more prosperously and look the part. This draws other financial opportunities to you.

Love is a bit challenging early in the month, but as the Sun enters your own sign on the 22nd there is great improvement. You look great for a start – Leo always has star quality, but in this period more so than usual. Mars will be in your sign from the 20th onwards too, and this just adds to your charisma.

You are strong and energetic – with great magnetism. The opposite sex takes notice. With these kinds of aspects the actual shape of your physical body is not really the issue. It is the energy you exude that creates the charm. People are ultimately more attracted by a healthy energy field than by purely physical things.

Mars’ move into your sign shows foreign travel and involvement with foreigners. Perhaps a foreign friend or associate is coming to stay with you. It is a wonderful aspect for college-level students. Schools are seeking you rather than vice versa.

Health and energy are super. There’s nothing that you can’t achieve this month.

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