Virgo June 2021

Virgo Monthly Predictions June 2021

monthly horoscope 2021: virgo in june

Your intense career activity seems to be working. You look very successful this month – especially from the 6th onwards. Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope, is at the top of your chart. You seem above everyone in your world. You’re in authority, calling the shots.

Health still needs keeping an eye on until the 21st. Keep in mind our discussion of this last month. Health and vitality will improve dramatically after the 21st, but in the meantime make sure you get enough rest.

Love still seems stressful for most of this month. You and the beloved are not in agreement. It doesn’t mean a break-up necessarily, only that more work is needed to keep harmony between you. Perhaps your career focus is stressing the relationship. Sometimes this causes resentment in the beloved – he or she could feel that the career is more important to you than him or her.

Perhaps you are unconsciously ‘lording’ it over the beloved. Some people have problems with this. Adding to the mix is Neptune’s retrograde on the 16th. The beloved seems confused and lacking in direction. This is not a time to make important love decisions one way or the other. Your disagreements will, however, resolve after the 21st.

Finances are good this month. On the 6th Venus moves into Taurus in harmonious relationship with you. You are in harmony with the money people in your life. They seem favourably disposed to you. Venus is dignified in Taurus – she operates more powerfully – and this should reflect in your earnings. The financial planet’s position in your 9th house – the luckiest of houses according to the Hindu astrologers – is another positive financial indicator. It shows financial expansion and good fortune. Your wealth goals are ambitious. You want more than just ‘survival’. You’re interested in really big wealth these days. This too tends to prosperity. The financial judgement is sound. You’re more conservative in money matters (this has not been so in the past few months). Financial decisions should be good. Mercury makes beautiful aspects with Jupiter on the 13th and 14th. This looks like a nice payday.

Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope, spends a good part of the month ‘out of bounds’. Thus you’re moving outside your normal sphere. You’re going into unknown and strange places. You seem more adventurous.

Mars too spends almost all month ‘out of bounds’. This would tend to show that the spouse, partner or current love is going outside the normal sphere in their financial dealings. Perhaps setting up accounts or companies ‘offshore’.

Perhaps exploring financial opportunities outside the normal sphere and with different sorts of people. This seems to work out for him or her – especially from the 25th to the 27th.

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