Libra June 2021

Libra Monthly Predictions June 2021

monthly horoscope 2021: libra in june

Career is the main headline of the month. Mars, the love planet, enters the 10th house on the 4th. The Sun and Mercury will enter on the 21st. The New Moon of the 24th will also occur in your 10th house. So this is a powerful career period coming up. Much progress will be made here.

Mars in the career house gives many meanings. The spouse, partner or current love is successful and active in your career – perhaps opening doors for you. Social contacts in general are helpful. The right social events are helpful career-wise – attending or hosting the right kind of parties or gatherings. Mars in your 10th house also shows that you are active and aggressive in the career. Bold actions are necessary now.

This New Moon of the 24th will be an exceptionally powerful career day and will bring much success. (Every New and Full Moon boosts the career, but this one is a ‘super New Moon’ – it occurs near the Moon’s perigee or closest point to Earth.)

The Sun’s entry into the 10th house also shows the importance of your social connections in your career. But in addition it highlights that your hightech prowess and skills play important roles too. (Online social networking, especially, helps the career.) Mercury’s entry into the 10th house shows that being involved in charities or altruistic activities helps the career. You have a good intuition when it comes to career matters.

Those of you who are job seekers have excellent opportunities all month, but especially after the 21st.

Finance becomes more stressful after the 21st. You just have to work harder than usual. Things happen for you but not smoothly.

Your love planet spends most of the month ‘out of bounds’. This shows that in your love and social life you’re outside your normal sphere. Your normal circle doesn’t have what you want, so you go outside it into unknown territory.

In love, your attitudes change after the 4th. You’re attracted to the ‘power people’ – the high and mighty. Social and professional status are romantic turn-ons. Often this shows romantic opportunities with bosses or superiors – clandestine kinds of things. Sometime it merely indicates dating highpowered people – people above you in status.

Health needs more attention after the 21st. As always make sure to get enough rest.

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