Libra Horoscope May 2021

Monthly Horoscope 2021: Libra in May

libra may 2021

Health and energy are getting better and better day by day. If you feel under the weather, you can enhance things in the ways discussed in the yearly report.

Your 8th house became powerful on April 19 and is still strong until the 20th. The spouse, partner or current love is prospering; he or she is in a period of peak earnings. Your finances are also good until the 20th. But Pluto, your financial planet is still retrograde. There will be delays, glitches and perhaps misunderstandings. Try not to make matters worse through financial carelessness. Study the fine print of all guarantees or extended warranties. Make sure you’re not slipshod in writing or addressing cheques.

Make sure account numbers are correct. Little mistakes can cause big problems later on.

Power in the 8th house tends towards more sexual activity and a stronger libido. But it also indicates more than that. It shows an interest in death and life after death. It shows an interest in occult studies. Many of you are involved in projects of self-transformation and this is a good month for these things. In-depth psychology and the exploration of past incarnations are also more interesting.

The 8th house is related to death. But in astrology death has many more meanings than just the death of the physical body. Death involves dying to the old and useless in our lives – to old patterns, habits and conditions. On a deeper level, the 8th house is about ‘renewal’ or, to use the old-fashioned term, ‘resurrection’. Renewal and resurrection always follows death. If you observe life, you will see this for yourself. Something old dies – perhaps a relationship, a business venture, a beloved pet, or some object. Very soon after, something new is born to take its place. This is the nature of life and this is the message of the Horoscope. There is no death without resurrection.

So this is a month to resurrect things in your life that need it. But first you must die to the old.

It is wonderful for weight loss regimes (if you need them) and for detox regimes. In the 8th house we get rid of whatever is no longer useful or needed. (The things might not necessarily be evil, they might be harmless in fact, but if something is just taking up space, get rid of it.)

Your love planet will be in your 9th house all month. Thus there are love opportunities in foreign countries or with foreigners. Foreign travel is very much in the chart after the 20th and singles might want to take the opportunity. Students will have love opportunities at school or school functions. If a current relationship is stressed a foreign trip together could bring healing.

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