Monday, February 22, 2021

Virgo Weekly Predictions April 2021

Virgo Weekly Horoscope April 2021

Virgo First Week in April 2021

Between 1st & 2nd the Moon in 12th may give you some troubles. You may feel sad and forlorn. May sufferseparation from some dear member of the family whose memory may assail you for long. Between 3rd & 5th in order to find a purposefulness of life you’ll try to concentrate on your inner powers. You’ll also pay much attention to the needs of your parents and other domestic requirements. May go out on some short journeys. You’ll also establish contact with your acquaintances placed far away.

May start a new partnership business. Between 6th & 7th be wary about tackling your legal cases because you may face stiff opposition. The main issue will be movement of the funds. Mercury’s full aspect on its own sign may improve your health remarkably. Those in the profession of writing, film, TV etc. will have good time.

Virgo Second Week in April 2021

Between 8th & 9th you may get money easily. This will be a favourable period for appearing in a test/interview etc. You’ll feel almost rejuvenated if you pass time in the company of kids or grand kids. You must have confidence that you’ll succeed in your mission.

Jupiter’s influence will enhance your reputation in the society. Between 10th & 12th some persons may hatch a secret conspiracy against you. Your expenditure will also rise suddenly. Don’t ever try to garner sympathy of others by exposing your weakness as no sympathy will be genuine. Also, spend your jealous nature yourself. Don’t take recourse to falsehood for proving your worth before others. It will be a sham effect to be exposed soon. Between 13th & 14th pensionrelated problem may trouble you. You’ll remain busy in your studies and research work as your good phase will start again from 15th. Exploit it to the hilt. Youth will be full of gusto.

Virgo Third Week in April 2021

On 16th you may get some gain unexpectedly. You’ll plan for your future security and benefits. May get some awards or recognition. Between 17th & 18th change in the line of working is possible. New commitments may fetter you. Your or your relation’s health may cause worry. Between 19th & 20th you’ll feel quite listless and irritated. Work schedule may add to your worries. Someone may try to waste your time which you’ll regret much later on. Don’t start anything without giving a proper thought, else you may be trapped in some financial crunch.

Between 21st & 22nd you’ll be taken up by some moral issues. May visit your in-laws where you may gain something. You’ll also look after your parent-in-laws and become their darling. On 23rd the tide will again be favourable to you. You’ll experience a kind of freshness in your relations with all.

Virgo Fourth Week in April 2021

On 24th your reputation/prestige graph may turn upwards. May plan to go out to enjoy your holidays. Between 25th & 27th while discussing the domestic issues you shouldn’t disclose your all plans before anyone. You may be confronted with the tax, property and other allied matters but you’ll face no difficulty in setting them properly. Routine work may keep you occupied. You may further plan to make your life more smooth by thinking about various schemes ensuring hassle free life after your retirement. You’ll like to work in a methodical way. Between 28th & 29th your kids may give you some tension because of their showing such behaviour as you may never have even imagined. You’ll feel deeply hurt. On 30 th you’ll pass life in a normal way. The tide will continue to be favourable to you.

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