Libra Horoscope April 2021

Libra Monthly Horoscope: April 2021

In March you seemed very impulsive in love – more than usual. Most likely you paid the price for it. This month you seem more cautious. Venus, the ruler of your Horoscope, will spend most of the month in Pisces. (Last month she was in impulsive Aries.) The love life is still very active and you’re still in a yearly love and social peak. But this seems more about friendship and group activities than romance. Venus is still retrograde until the 15th, so use the time to get clear about your personal goals. It seems you need to decide what kind of ‘look’ you want to project – how you want others to see you.

On the 28th Venus moves back into Aries and into your 7th house – this time in a healthier kind of way. She is moving forwards instead of backwards. You still need to be careful about jumping into relationships too quickly, but the judgement is better now. Personal popularity is much stronger than usual and you have no problem putting other people first. You seem proactive in love – more so than usual.

If you talk to a Libra – or someone with many planets there – they will tell you that ‘life is all about relationship. Relationship is everything. You only learn about yourself through relationships.’ Not everyone thinks this way.

But you do – and these days more than usual.

Your love planet, Mars, spends most of the month in your 8th house of regeneration. This shows the importance of sexual magnetism in love. If you’re not feeling this way, you’re attracting people who do. While this magnetism is important, it won’t hold a relationship together for the long haul. On the 21st, Mars moves into intellectual Gemini and into your 9th house. This introduces more depth to the romantic life. Sex is still important, but now you also want good communication and philosophical compatibility.

The person with the gift of the gab (and who has something to say) is the one that attracts you. The college or educational function is the venue for love. As is your place of worship.

Health still needs watching until the 19th, but improves greatly afterwards.

As always, make sure to get enough rest until the 19th. High energy is better than hosts of pills and potions.

You’re still in a prosperity period overall, but until the 19th you have to work harder for earnings. Finances improve after the date – although be aware that on the 20th your financial planet, Pluto, starts to go backwards (this will go on for many months). Earnings will happen, but perhaps a bit slower than usual.

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