Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Taurus Weekly Horoscope February 2021

Weekly Horoscope Forecast 2021: Taurus in Februay

Taurus First Week - Feb.'21

Between 1st & 2nd with your tact and prudence you’ll manage to achieve your purpose despite the problems galore.
Between 3rd & 4th you may remain busy in buying and selling activities. May go to a theatre, party or a cinema. You’ll enhance your social circle. May go out in connection with your work.

Yoga and spiritualism may appear especially interesting to you. Between 5th & 7th the Moon in 4th may cause many clashes and confrontation.

May get some news from outside which may prove shocking to the entire household. During this phase you can’t get due reward no matter what you do. You’ll continue to meet people and welcome the guests. However, it is not a favourable phase, so do everything with abundant caution to avoid any loss.

Taurus Second Week - Feb.'21

Between 8th & 9th you may remain busy in studies, writing or reading good literature. You’ll spend much in your luxury items. Your hard work will get its due results.

Between 10th & 12th you’ll devote more time to your profession which shall give you a good backing. May meet some old friend. You’ll enthusiastically participate in charity and philanthropic works. Journeys will be meaningful and at this juncture you’ll gain as much as you travel. Between 13th & 14th you’ll pass most of your time in exchanging jokes and in entertainment. Routine work will be easily accomplished. You may prove instrumental in fixing someone’s engagement for marriage. But on 15th you’ll remain tense as the day may not be good for you.

Taurus Third Week - Feb.'21

Between 15th & 16th the time may be quite painful. You’ll feel miserable and despondent, no matter what job you undertake. Results may also not be good. Your enemies and opponents would criticize you for no apparent reason. You have to be quite careful about their activities. Between 17th & 18th some secret deals will be finalized. You’ll remain busy in launching some new organization or company and in ensuring its further growth. Students would get success by dint of their merit. Between 19th & 20th you’ll do some career related work as the tide will remain quite favourable. Health will improve.
New places or people may attract your attention.

Your reputation & prestige will swell as all will admire you. Between 21st & 22nd you’ll get gains from every side. Journeys will be useful and profitable. New acquaintances will prove quite productive later on. But on 23rd you’ll feel rather worried.

Taurus Fourth Week - Feb.'21

On 24th you’ll remain rather tense mentally as expenditure will mount. You may have to incur some loan, as your budget will go haywire. You may be afflicted by some seasonal fever and cold. Between 25th & 26th the Moon in 1st house will get you fame and glory.

You’ll succeed in whatever you do. May buy some new things. Between 27th & 28th you’ll get mental peace. Friend’s help will revive all your held up projects. Family members will also be helpful. Love-affairs will have additional warmth.

At this time you’ll be engaged in your personal issues. However, the job you were worrying most will be easily completed. Avoid consultations with immature persons at this time, else you’ll suffer.

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