Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Gemini Weekly Horoscope February 2021

Weekly Horoscope Forecast 2021: Gemini in Februay

Gemini First Week - Feb.'21

Between 1st & 2nd family and professional duties will keep you quite busy.
Your spouse will be happy with you. The married couples may blessed with a son. Balanced diet, exercises and yoga should be given priority.

Between 3rd & 4th you may attend a marriage function in the family. May plan for organizing an auspicious function at home. You will pay much attention to your relations with the senior family members. Between 5th & 7th you’ll feel delighted getting desired success in your every effort.

Business trips will prove quite fruitful. The unmarried may succeed in getting married. You’ll also get some money. All told this shall be a favourable week for you.

Gemini Second Week - Feb.'21

The 4th Moon between 8th & 9th will give you much pain. Love relations will be deceptive. You’ll remain dissatisfied with your work. House repair job will remain a burden in your mind. Take care of your health and take adequate rest also. But you’ll feel despondent and forlorn. Between 10th & 12th small journeys and alliances with other group shall prove quite rewarding. Your life will be flooded with awards.

Your confidence in self will be brimful. You’ll keep on trying to get continued success. Some lady friend will be quite helpful. Business will be normal. Your talents will be recognized but journeys won’t be helpful. Between 13th & 14th you may get gain after much hard work. May participate in a music programme. Your income and reputation both will rise. On 15th you’ll work quite coolly and complete all your pending work.

Gemini Third Week - Feb.'21

Between 16th noon you’ll work well and shall get desired results as well. But 16th afternoon to 18th Feb. you may have a very trying time. Future worries will trouble your mind. Avoid using intoxicating things and also bickerings and brawls. Your comfort level will plummet due to poor services.

Delay will mar your pleasure. You may have to suffer the consequences of other’s mistake. Keep your temper in check, else you’ll have added loss.

Between 19th & 20th tide will be favourable. Your morale will be downcast. Preparations for tests and interviews will keep you engazed whose results will be favourable. Enemies will be defeated. May buy something new for the house.

Your house construction job will gather momentum. May get success in the govt. related cases between 21st & 22nd. On 23rd you’ll work normally. Your spouse will keep you fully satisfied.

Gemini Fourth Week - Feb.'21

May meet your dear ones on 24th. You’ll have your honour and reputation duly raised. Between 25th & 26th the Moon in 12th will cause much worry about your source of survival. It will be trying phase. Expenses will rise to add to your tension. Some of your close friend may deceive you. House hold comforts will also decline. Journeys may be fruitful but also hazardous. After 27th & 28th your business will gather momentum and you’ll earn well. Houseladies will pay total attention to their domestic duties. During this phase you may get unexpected success in whatever you do. The unemployed may get job. Shopping to your satisfaction will keep you delighted, although domestic budget may go haywire. Domestic happiness may decline a bit but mutual consideration among the members will make the atmosphere at home quite congenial soon.

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