Friday, January 22, 2021

Cancer March 2021

Monthly Horoscope 2021: Cancer in March

Mars makes dynamic aspects with Uranus on the 1st – drive more carefully than usual and watch your temper. Parents and parent figures should take it easy that day too.

Career is the main headline in the month ahead. Over half of the planets are either in your 10th house or moving through there this month. This is a lot of power in the career house and it denotes focus – and focus brings success.

There is not much you can do on the home front right now. Your home and family planet, Venus, goes into retrograde motion on the 4th, and Jupiter, the current occupant of your 4th house, started to go backwards on February 6.

Only time will solve family dilemmas. Overt action is not called for. Focus on the career. That is where you are successful now.

Health is reasonable until the 20th, but after that it needs more attention.

Keep in mind our discussion of this in the yearly report. Since the career is so hectic, so demanding and time consuming, it will be a challenge to maintain high energy levels. But you can do it. Let go of trivial matters and focus on what is essential. Get a better rhythm to your work. Take short breaks and schedule in regular massages. Avoid depression or negative feelings as much as possible (meditation is a help here).

Finances will be good this month. The changes you made last month are working out. Until the 20th you will have excellent financial intuition (and especially on the 1st and 2nd). You need to trust this intuition – it is the short cut to wealth and is always, when seen in hindsight, eminently logical and rational. The financial planet in the 9th house is always a positive aspect for earnings, as the 9th house is considered ‘lucky’. On the 20th the Sun moves into your 10th house of career. This too is good. Earnings are high on your agenda and you aspire to wealth. There can be pay rises (official or unofficial) at work. You have the financial favour of the ‘higher ups’ in your life. Your good professional reputation leads to more earning opportunities. It will be good to invest in things that foster the career.

The love life is stressful until the 20th, but you will see dramatic improvement afterwards. With Venus retrograde from the 4th onwards go slow in love. The tendency for singles is to jump into relationships too quickly.

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