Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Aries Weekly Horoscope February 2021

Weekly Horoscope Forecast 2021: Aries in Februay

Aries First Week - Feb.'21

An auspicious beginning of the month is indicated and you’ll be full of verve and vitality between 1st & 2nd Feb. May accomplish some vital projects for getting money.

Enemies and opponents will feel trounced by your influence. Between 2nd & 4th you could be trapped in some conspiracy which may not only decrease your capacity to work but a minor mistake on your part may boomerang on you as a major folly. Your trusted persons may ditch you.

Between 5th & 7th things will be normal. Guests may pour in and you’ll remain busy in welcoming them. May come across some VIP regarding your professional work.

Aries Second Week - Feb.'21

Be careful about your health between 8th & 9th. But in your some govt.
related work, things will appear more favourable.
Religious faith will attract much of your interest.

Avoid any dealing with a stranger lest you should suffer a financial loss. Your health will improve between 10th & 12th. You’ll feel fully recovered.

You may be drawn to start something new and may make an initial endeavour in that direction.

May buy something new for home. Between 13th & 14th something untoward may occur. Tension with some VIP is quite a possibility. Family atmosphere will also be tense. On 15th may receive some long held up payment. Govt. related job will be speedily competed.

Aries Third Week - Feb.'21

On 16th planetary position will be rather favourable though financial crunch may develop. Expenses will outplace income. But your friends will be quite helpful.

Between 17th & 18th some high officials intervention will accomplish your govt. related job easily. In trade or business, things will also be favourable to have greater interest in your work. Marital relations will be cordial. Between 19th & 20th all hurdles in the realization of your due money will vanish gradually. Your rivals or enemies won’t be able to even touch you despite their hostile intentions. You’ll love to do things genuinely constructive. Financial health will be better but physical health may be downcast.

Hurdles may develop in almost all accomplished work. On 23rd Feb. strong chances of journey are clearly indicated.

Aries Fourth Week - Feb.'21

On 24th your hard labour will get its commensurate award. Meaningful journeys will be undertaken and you may accomplish some novel achievements. Between 25th & 26th a long-drawn cause of worry will gradually perish on its own. However, nothing of any special quality will be achieved in the work field during this phase. Nevertheless you will feel quite satisfied with your efforts and their consequent results. Between 27th & 28th you’ll be on a sound footing financially. In your business or profession you may have new agreements or deals.

Your relations with your boss will become very cordial.

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