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Pig 2021 Chinese Horoscope

pig 2021 chinese horoscope

Pig in 2021

The Chinese New Year starts on 12 February 2021. Until then, the old year, the Year of the Rat, is still making its presence felt.

The Rat year  will have been a constructive one for the Pig and in what remains of it he can accomplish a great deal. As he realizes, to make progress requires both effort and discipline and by setting about his activities with commitment, he will make good headway.

At work the contacts the Pig is building up and experi- ence he is gaining will enhance his standing and his prospects. The Pig possesses an enterprising nature and if he has any ideas he wishes to take further, he should check out the possibilities. Purposeful action could bring some interesting results.

Although the Rat year is reasonably well aspected for financial matters, the Pig could find the last quarter expen- sive. In addition to activities he wants to carry out and purchases he wants to make, his domestic and social life will be costly and some weeks could see considerable outlay. While the Pig will not begrudge this – especially as his spending will bring so much pleasure – he would do well to watch his outgoings and think twice about more impulsive buys.

On a personal level, the Pig will enjoy himself and be in demand with both his family and friends. His social diary may become quite full as the Rat year draws to a close.

As far as possible he should try to spread out his commit- ments and organize his time, otherwise he could find his life becoming a whirl with little free time left for his own pursuits. Also, he should use some of the more relaxed and informal occasions that take place to heal any rifts or differences of opinion that may have occurred over the year. Great peacemaker that he is, he could find that a few well-chosen words will help.

Overall, the Rat year is a constructive time for the Pig with what he accomplishes often having a bearing on his progress in the next Chinese year.

The Year of the Ox begins on 12 February and will see encouraging developments in many areas of the Pig’s life.

His personal life is particularly well aspected and here the Pig will be in sparkling form. In his domestic life he will play a major role, organizing and arranging various family activities, encouraging those in his household and offering advice and support. Those close to him will certainly value his input as well as appreciate his interest.

However, while the Pig has such a willing disposition, he should not feel he has to shoulder all the family responsi- bilities himself. If he needs more help with household projects or other chores, he should ask rather than try to deal with them all single-handed. In 2021the Pig’s home life can be rewarding, but he should make sure that everyone does their fair share.

The Pig will, though, enjoy a variety of pleasurable occasions with his loved ones. These may include having friends round (with the Pig making an attentive host) and any family activities that he arranges. The Pig is a great pleasure-seeker and his knack in putting forward popular suggestions will be appreciated. Also, at busy times, he should make sure that life does not become a continual grind with all work and no play. Again, his input can be of great help in bringing a certain balance and enabling others to enjoy other aspects of life than work.

Although this will be a positive year for the Pig, no year is free from problems. When these do arise, the Pig should be prepared to discuss his concerns rather than keep them to himself. While he will do much to help others in 2021, he must not be reticent in asking for assistance himself, should he need it.

The Pig’s social life is well aspected and in addition to meeting up with friends on a regular basis, he will enjoy going out to social events. Working as hard as he does, the Pig certainly feels he deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labours and going out socializing will be one way for him to do this.

For the unattached Pig or for any who may feel that his social life is lacking in some way, the Ox year holds much promise. If it would be helpful to draw a line under any past disappointments or sadnesses, the Pig should be prepared to do so and to regard this as the start of a new chapter in his personal life. The aspects are excellent for meeting others, building new friendships and starting a significant new romance. The months from March to May and August and November are particularly well aspected for meeting others, but as far as personal matters are concerned, the entire year is positive for the Pig.

The Pig will also benefit from his personal interests. Not only will these often bring him into contact with fellow enthusiasts – which in turn can lead to some pleasing social occasions – but they will also be satisfying to carry out.

And if his interest allows the Pig to create something that he (and others) can appreciate, this will make it all the more rewarding. As always, the Pig will put his spare time to good use.

Over the year the Pig should also give some considera- tion to his well-being, ensuring that he eats a healthy and balanced diet as well as takes sufficient exercise. Any medical guidance he can get on ways he can improve his general lifestyle and fitness would be to his benefit.

As far as work is concerned, this will be a constructive year. It will allow the Pig to build on his more recent achievements and put his ideas and often specialist skills to effective use. Although he may sometimes feel that oppor- tunities to progress are limited, those that do occur will turn out to be ideal for him and will be well worth following up. In the Ox year it is a case of ‘striking while the iron is hot’ and making the most of the openings that do arise.

Similarly, for those Pigs who are seeking work or wanting to switch to a different type of position, opportu- nities may seem limited, but by being prepared, showing initiative and carrying out background research prior to any interview, often these Pigs will impress sufficiently to be given a position which holds considerable potential. The Pig certainly has many fine abilities and by making the most of these and his personable nature, he can make good headway as well as often find a greater fulfilment in what he does. May, June and November could see some inter- esting work developments.

The progress that the Pig makes in his work will also lead to an improvement in his income, but his spending levels will remain fairly high as well. Money will flow into his accounts but also out again and it would be prudent for him to monitor his expenditure and ensure he has suffi- cient funds to cover existing obligations. This is not a year in which the Pig can proceed on too much of an ad hoc basis. Should he find he has dipped too heavily into his resources, however, the Pig is often adept at thinking of ways in which he can replenish his funds. In some cases freelance work, putting a skill to profitable use or taking another job for a few extra hours could help. The Pig’s resourcefulness will assist him over the year.

Overall, this is a favourably aspected year for the Pig, particularly on a personal level. His relations with others will mean a great deal to him and the year also holds the promise of new friendships as well as significant romance.

Although work-wise there may not be a great many opportunities, those that do arise will offer the Pig a real chance to make good use of his skills and find more fulfil- ment in what he does. This is a year for him to enjoy.

As far as the different types of Pig concerned, the Ox year holds good prospects for the Metal Pig. In his work he will be able to build upon his experience and use his considerable talents well. Also, he will be helped by his rich personality and ability to get on well with others. His colleagues do think highly of him and this will help his general progress. However, just how much the Metal Pig does achieve in 2021 rests with him.

Some Metal Pigs, satisfied with their present role, will decide to continue with it and make good use of their knowledge and skills. Although they may be content with what they do, they could be offered additional responsibili- ties which will not only add to their experience but also enhance their longer-term prospects. The Metal Pig certainly has the reputation for being a keen and loyal worker and this will be reinforced over the course of the year.

There will, though, be some Metal Pigs who feel the time has come for change and for these, as well as for those seeking work, the Ox year can be significant.

Opportunities may not be plentiful, however, and some Metal Pigs may have to reconsider the type of position they are hoping for. There may be disappointments too, but sometimes these can turn out to be blessings in disguise, as the Metal Pig may subsequently gain a posi- tion with greater potential. Also, taking on something different from what he originally intended will give him the chance to develop and in some cases discover new skills.

The Ox year rewards creative endeavour and those Metal Pigs whose work allows them to draw on their ideas and creative talents should actively promote what they do.

If they write, design, teach, problem solve or are in marketing or PR, some ideas or proposals they put forward could be especially well received. Again, by showing initia- tive the Metal Pig can advance his reputation.

Although with work and personal commitments the Metal Pig’s free time may be limited, he should still set some aside for his interests, especially those that allow him to get additional exercise or are different from his usual activities. His interests can be a real tonic for him and it is important that they are not squeezed out due to other demands on his time.

As far as his finances are concerned, the Metal Pig can look forward to an increase in his income and in many cases an unexpected bonus, possibly a gift. This financial improvement will certainly be welcome, especially in view of his existing commitments and everything else he has in mind. However, if he is able, the Metal Pig would find it to his advantage to put some funds away for the longer term.

In years to come these could build into an asset he will be grateful for.

The Metal Pig’s domestic life will be both active and meaningful over the year and he will fondly watch over the progress of those around him, particularly younger relations. His encouragement, interest and support will be greatly valued as well as help maintain the often good rapport the Metal Pig enjoys with those close to him. Even though with work and other pressures he has much to think about, the contribution he makes to family life will again count for a lot.

The Metal Pig’s social life, too, is positively aspected and in addition to enjoying meeting up with existing friends, he will often go out to a variety of social events. Once more his joie de vivre will be to the fore and the Ox year will contain some splendid times for him. For the unat- tached Metal Pig or those who may have had some recent misfortune, the Ox year offers great promise and, in many cases, the start of an exciting new chapter. A friend- ship made last year could suddenly blossom into romance or a meeting in the early months of 2021 will quickly become significant. On a personal level, the Ox year can be a blissful time for the Metal Pig.

Generally, 2021 will allow the Metal Pig to use his talents to good effect as well as enjoy a rewarding personal life. This is a year to savour.

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