Chinese Horoscope: The Snake Personality

The Sixth Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Snake

Philosopher, theologian, political wizard, wily financier—the Snake person is the deepest thinker and the enigma of the Chinese cycle. Snakes are endowed with inborn wisdom; they are mystics in their own right. Graceful and soft-spoken, Snakes love good books, food, music, and the theater, and they will gravitate naturally toward all the finer things in life. Many feel that the most powerful and charismatic people tend to be born under this sign.

A person of this sign generally relies on their own judgment and does not communicate well with others. They can be deeply religious or psychic; on the other hand, they can be totally hedonistic. Either way, they trust their own instincts more than any outside advice. More often than not, the Snake will be right!

Like the Dragon, the Snake is a karmic sign. A Snake’s life ends in triumph or tragedy as dictated by their past actions. And although Snakes will deny it, they are very superstitious behind their sophisticated front. People born under other signs may defer payment to the next life (if one so chooses to believe), but Snakes seem destined to pay their dues before they leave. Perhaps this is also of their own choosing, as a person born under this sign is unusually intense and will seek to settle scores, consciously or unconsciously, in everything they do.

Natives of the Snake year are not likely to be bothered by money problems. They are fortunate to have what they need. Should funds be low, they are extremely well-equipped to remedy the situation. However, Snake people should not gamble; they will come out poorer in the end. In the event that they do suffer sizable losses, it probably will not happen a second time; Snakes learn fast. They can recoup with amazing speed, and as a rule they are prudent and shrewd in business. But to a Snake, money is just a means to an end. Snakes are considered ambitious because they strive for control through power and authority. However, a Snake who experiences poverty or extreme deprivation in youth may never fully get over it. They could become fanatical about accumulating wealth and could turn into a covetous and miserly person.

By nature, the Snake person is skeptical, but unlike the Tiger, Snakes tend to keep their suspicions to themselves. They treasure their privacy and will have many a dark secret locked up within. Elegant in speech, dress, and manners, the Snake person dislikes indulging in useless small talk or other frivolities. Unsurprisingly, even if you search endlessly for any clue of this person on the Internet, you will come up with nothing. How can it be? Although friends and mentors may urge a Snake to publicize themselves more for work or to connect better with the community, the Snake will stick to their guns and choose a life of selective attention. They feel it is best to live under the radar and have complete control. While Snakes can be quite generous with money, they are known to be ruthless when they want to attain an important objective. They have no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in their way.

Some Snakes may have a slow or lazy way of speaking, but this does not in any way reflect on their speed of deduction or action. It’s just that they like to ponder things, to assess and formulate their views properly. Generally, Snakes tend to be very careful about what they say, and they will write and rewrite correspondence until they feel it is fit for the historical record. It is never safe to draw a line and predict that this is how far a Snake will go. The Snake’s computerlike brain never stops plotting, and a Snake can be viciously unrelenting. Remember that the Snake is one of the most tenacious signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Snakes are possessive and very demanding in their relationships. At the same time, they view their coworkers with a certain distrust. They will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise. Snakes are also prone to being neurotic, even paranoid, where their personal fears and suspicions are concerned.

When the Snake’s anger is roused, their hatred can be limitless. Their antagonism is silent and deeply rooted. They will express their displeasure through icy hostility rather than a volley of hot words. The more lethal types will prefer to crush their enemies totally. Time is of no consequence to a Snake; they will wait patiently for years for the opportunity to strike at their foes. There is no predicting the Snake’s movements. The Snake’s mind is calculation itself, and a Snake has the staying power to wait until the time is ripe for revenge. For those luckless souls who incur the wrath of a Snake, self-exile to Siberia may not seem like such a bad prospect.

The Snake exudes sex appeal with little effort. The original femme fatale or the brooding stranger whom you can’t look away from may very well be born in the year of the Snake. The cool, serene, exotic beauty of this sign mesmerizes people. This sign’s coolness is the kind you cannot fake. You either have this kind of cool or you don’t, and the Snake’s appeal in this arena is that they simply do not care about what others think about them. This drives people crazy with frustration or obsession. Either way, it will not change how the Snake interacts with the world. They are confident and collected as they roam around, giving the impression of indolence and a love of leisure. But the Snake is far from slothful, and the Snake’s brain is never at rest.

Despite being finely tuned and high-strung by nature, Snake people are characterized by beautiful complexions. The Snake is usually not plagued with pimples or blemishes, even when they don’t take particular care of their skin. It seems that tension tends to affect the Snake’s digestive and nervous systems more than the epidermis. Underneath their flawless good looks, a good many of these natives succumb to stomach ulcers or nervous breakdowns from containing all that stress internally.

The Snake will opt for well-cut clothes, fluid and classic in design. This sign loves jewelry and chooses accessories with care. If they can afford it, Snakes will buy the real thing—designer brands, high-quality materials, gemstones of the highest rating, watches with excellent resale value, and handbags with their papers in order, of course. Besides being beautiful, these purchases are an excellent form of investment in the Snake’s eyes. No cheap gold plating or imitations for the Snake; it’s the real thing or not at all. You won’t find the Snake decked out in worthless junk.

The Snake’s good taste and love of timeless design will naturally extend to the home. This sign has an innate talent for decoration and a need to be surrounded by beautiful things. Over time, the Snake will bring together an impressive collection of art, accessories, and furniture that delight his or her sensibilities. One has to respect the patience and hard work it takes to put together such a seamless home. Even more than accruing stylish physical items, the Snake enjoys creating a mood, especially when entertaining. The Snake will be especially concerned with the right lighting for their home to cultivate the right set of vibes. Candles will always be on hand, arranged in artful and flattering ways. Drapes will be chosen with the right weight to let the appropriate amount of light in.

A Snake’s standards for a partner will be similarly high. The Serpent admires power and the influence money can bring. When a Snake cannot wield them alone, then the next best thing is to partner with someone who has them. At any rate, no matter how rich or powerful a partner is, the Snake will not be content to ride someone’s coattails or loaf about. That is not how the Snake is wired. The source of the Snake’s attraction is admiration and respect, and without a feeling of reciprocated appeal, the Snake will only feel unrest. The Snake is one of the most competitive signs in the zodiac and will motivate themselves as well as their partner to realize every opportunity and every last ounce of their collective potential. After all, life would become fairly boring without new puzzles to solve.

The Snake is difficult to read when it comes to politics. Perhaps it is their strategic mind or their incredibly accurate accounting in life, but Snakes do not like to commit to one party or cause, certainly not publicly. Self-preserving Snakes are happy to keep their silence and go along with the crowd if it serves them well. They will play their cards in such a way that no one will ever really know where they stand. They always possess that mystique and cool ambivalence. Snakes may often play both sides, placing their bets on both red and black so their bases will be covered. More altruistic signs will find fault with this approach, calling it one of low integrity. The Snake’s friends often feel taken advantage of when they learn that the Snake was not so much an ally as a friend by circumstance. But it’s nothing personal; Snakes always operate with a bit of distance, delaying any real commitment because of their cautious ways.

So you can understand why the Snake seems a bit puzzled by those who complain openly about any kind of slight. Snakes always secretly feel that a person must work with what they have and not waste time lamenting what could have been. Very much the type to set their own agenda and make their own rules, Snakes can be formidable opponents when challenged and will seek to destroy those who cross them.

Contrary to common belief, the Snake is not always a raving beauty. If you analyze a Snake’s face feature by feature, you will find they have some flaws: the nose may be too large or the eyes set too close. But it’s the total effect that counts. Whether you call it charisma or inexplicable energy, Snakes have their own unique formula, and when it all comes together—it’s magic!

All Snakes have a sense of humor. Of course, they may have different brands. Some prefer a dry wit; others are sardonic, scintillating, or even diabolical. Nonetheless, it’s there. The best time to observe this is when the Snake is under duress. In a crisis, even when weighed down by enormous troubles, the Snake can crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere.

In Asia, the snake is often regarded as a supernatural creature endowed with a touch of the sinister. This is because it lives a long time and renews itself by shedding its skin for a new one each time the old is outgrown. This particular trait symbolizes its ability to be reborn and to emerge from conflict with restored vigor.

By now, you must have gathered that it is no mean task dealing with the Snake. What makes it even more tricky is the fact that under all that serenity, Snakes are always on guard. Their outward calm never betrays their true feelings. They possess the wisdom to plan their moves well in advance. They have willpower and will maintain their position to the bitter end. They can be very evasive and elusive when they choose, and just when you think you have got a grip on them, they wriggle free. Needless to say, the Snake makes the perfect politician. They can negotiate anything under the sun when they put their mind to it.

The Chinese believe that Snakes born in the spring and summer will be among the most deadly of the lot. Winter Snakes are quiet and docile because winter is when they hibernate. A Snake born during a hot day will be happier and more contented than one born during bad weather.

Snake people are passionate lovers; they are also reputed to have roving eyes. Actually, this is a false reputation they have acquired because they are always sensual about anything they undertake. They may exhibit the same fervent, relentless ardor in chasing a coveted business deal as in winning the object of their affection.

Snake people usually lead dangerous lives full of excitement and intrigue, especially those Snakes who have an insatiable lust for power and the limelight. Wrapping themselves around the object of their desire, they can squeeze and crush the life out of it. Needless to say, once they attain power, they will not willingly let go.

The best partners for the Snake will be the dependable Ox, the dauntless Rooster, or the illustrious Dragon. They could do well by teaming up with the Rat, Rabbit, Sheep, and Dog, too. The Snake should steer clear of the defiant Tiger, who may not appreciate the Snake’s discerning ways. The impulsive and equally demanding Horse will make only a mediocre match, and the clever Monkey may challenge the Snake with their own brand of cunning. Two Snakes can cohabit peacefully. The Boar and the Snake will not find much in common; the Snake is sleek and sophisticated, the Boar too honest and mundane. They have entirely opposite makeups.

In times of confusion and trouble, Snakes are pillars of strength because they maintain presence of mind. They can deal with bad news and misfortune with great aplomb. They have a profound sense of responsibility and an unsinkable constancy of purpose. If these traits are coupled to a Snake’s natural hypnotic charisma, he or she can reach the highest realms of power.

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