Chinese Horoscope: The Rabbit Personality

The Fourth Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Rabbit

A person born in the year of the Rabbit is considered very fortunate. The Rabbit (also known as the Hare in Chinese mythology) serves as the symbol of longevity and is said to derive its essence from the moon. When people in the West gaze at the moon, they may tell a child the story of the man in the moon, but when the Chinese look at the moon, they see the Moon Hare standing near a rock under a cassia tree and holding the Elixir of Immortality. During the Chinese midautumn festival when the moon is at its loveliest, Chinese children still carry lighted paper lanterns made in the image of a rabbit and climb to the tops of hills to observe and admire the immortal Moon Hare up above.

The Rabbit is the soul of graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness, and sensitivity to beauty. The soft-spokenness and graceful, elegant ways of the Rabbit embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat or statesman. People born under this sign will lead a tranquil life, as they will opt to enjoy a peaceful and congenial environment. They are reserved, artistic, and likely to possess good judgment. Their thoroughness will also make them good scholars. They will shine in the fields of law, government, and research.

But they are also inclined to be moody; at such times, they appear detached from their environment and indifferent to the people close to them. And although Rabbits may appear outwardly impervious to the opinions of others, inwardly they wither under criticism.

The Rabbit is lucky in business and in all kinds of financial transactions. Astute at striking bargains, they can always come up with a suitable proposal or an advantageous alternative. Their sharp business acumen, coupled with their knack for smooth negotiations, will ensure them a fast rise in any career they choose.

However, the Rabbit’s diplomatic technique can be deceiving, and they can be diabolically cunning when they put their mind to it. So while Rabbits are tender and obliging to their loved ones, they can be superficial and even ruthless in their dealings with outsiders. Suave and self-indulgent, they enjoy their creature comforts and like to put their own wishes first. It irks them terribly to be inconvenienced because they are considerate, modest, thoughtful people who would like others to be the same. They sincerely believe it costs people nothing to be nice to each other, and they will always make an effort to be civil, even to their own worst enemy. They abhor brawling and any sort of overt animosity or belligerence.

For all their quiet and apparently docile ways, Rabbits possess a strong will and an almost narcissistic self-assurance. They pursue their objectives with methodical precision but always in an unobtrusive manner. No one will ever accuse them of being obvious or thick-skinned. The well-mannered Rabbit dislikes making a scene. But the special trait that makes Rabbits formidable negotiators is their inscrutability. It is difficult if not impossible to know what they are thinking behind that soft blanket of Rabbit niceness.

Rabbits usually have impeccable manners and discretion. They seldom use harsh words, foul language, or vulgarisms to make a point. There is little need to anyway, as their own techniques are stunningly effective. Naturally, the Rabbit’s public persona will be spotless. No negative comments or embarrassing outbursts can be attributed to them because they will always be thinking about the long-term effects of their words. Comments and updates will be polite, measured, and appropriate for all to see. Perhaps the most dangerous response from a Rabbit is silence. One can only imagine what negative thoughts are hidden under such a perfectly pleasant demeanor.

Rabbits often assume a cloak of decency and amiability to undermine their opponents. Their credentials are usually flawless or at least in good order. And when it comes to influencing others, the Rabbit wrote the playbook. They will wine and dine you and cater to your every whim when they are in pursuit. Then, when you have eaten your fill and are contentedly sipping a lovely cocktail, they will pull out the contract for you to sign. Before you know it, they have cut you off at the knees, and they were so deft about it that you didn’t even feel any pain. It was all over with the stroke of a pen. Our sympathies are with you, friend. You are just another victim of the incomparable Hare.

The Rabbit may appear a bit slow or overly deliberate at times, but this is due to an inborn sense of caution and discretion. The Rabbit’s restraint is a valuable strength. The Rabbit knows when to stop and doesn’t rush into anything lightly. One can be sure that the Rabbit will read the fine print before signing any document. Because of their superior ability in assessing people and situations, Rabbits can afford to be conceited—which, by the way, they are.

Rabbits are considerate and understanding with their friends: a great person to work, shop, or commiserate with. They are delightfully warm and witty, and their company is always sought after. They have plenty of energy for the things they like to do and will tirelessly track down a rare vintage item or help plan a friend’s wedding to the last detail. But when they feel they have had enough, well, you can expect them to drop whatever they are doing, prop up their dainty feet, and go totally limp. That is the philosophical part of the Rabbit. Do you know why the Rabbit can keep so serene amid all kinds of frantic action? The secret is to know when your batteries need recharging, and no one has a better instinct about this than the Rabbit.

While everyone else is killing themselves in a mad rush to get somewhere, the Rabbit knows that the world will still be here tomorrow, so what’s the hurry? Why don’t you sit down, too? The Rabbit will probably make you a nice cup of tea and help you forget all about that crazy rat race outside.

In any situation, you can always rely on Rabbits to be in control of themselves. They will notice the license number of the getaway car or remember that the robber wore an unusual hat and had a small tattoo on the back of his left hand. And while you are at the police station filing that report, the Rabbit will calmly recall all the details and help you answer all those irritating questions.

All in all, the Rabbit really knows how to live well. What’s more, the Rabbit is more than willing to let others live well, too, so long as they do not harm the Rabbit’s interests. Rabbits are not spoilsports or disciplinarians with an ever-watchful eye, and they know when to refrain from criticism. They never like to embarrass anyone in public when they can settle the score in their own way. They are adept at the art of saving face, both yours and theirs, and if there is any way they can spare your feelings, they will.

Have no doubt, however, that the Rabbit makes mental notes of your mistakes or progress. But if matters are not serious or beyond redemption, the Rabbit will good-heartedly let you pass. As a result, the Rabbit is well-liked and popular, makes few enemies, and rarely gets into trouble. People respond by being generous to the Rabbit and letting him or her pass, too.

No one (except the Sheep) has a more sympathetic ear to lend you than the Rabbit. However, while Rabbits are excellent psychologists and compassionate listeners, they will only play the role of a passive advisor. The Rabbit is, above all, an intellectual, a realist, and a pacifist. Do not expect a Rabbit to go out with all colors flying and do battle for you. That would be asking too much. Let’s face it: the Rabbit will never elect to trudge up Mount Everest with you or volunteer to carry your burden, no matter what great buddies you two claim to be. The Rabbit will lend you the money for the lawyer or bail you out of jail if they can afford it, but that’s about all. And if you are getting to be too much of a nuisance or a liability, you can count on the Rabbit to make a quick but graceful exit from your life.

The refined Rabbit will not be averse to marrying a good old-fashioned billionaire instead of an attractive but penniless suitor. The former will be able to provide advantages and luxuries that the Rabbit demands as necessities. A Rabbit’s partner must be powerful enough to protect and support a comfortable lifestyle, and sensitive enough to politely disappear when a sullen mood takes hold and the Rabbit wishes to remain undisturbed.

When given the choice, the Rabbit will vote for the easy and good life every time. The Rabbit will wear loose, comfortable clothing of superb cut and fabric, cashmere sweaters, pure silk blouses, and durable linens and tweeds. The clothes, like the Rabbit’s manner, will be elegant but understated. Flashy, geometric, and loud designs offend the Rabbit’s sense of conformity and balance. The Rabbit’s love of aesthetics and comfort will certainly extend to the home as well. The Rabbit will craft any living space, small or large, into a sanctuary. Striking a cultivated balance of luxury and comfort, the Rabbit’s home will be one of their prides and joys. A Rabbit’s domicile must also serve as an entertainment hub. Both sanctuary and entertainment are top priorities for the Rabbit, who sees these activities as vital to reenergizing and finding peace with life’s ebbs and flows. The Rabbit will work hard to craft an inspiring place, a beautiful place to dine and welcome friends, and a showcase for his or her fine taste. A Rabbit’s home will be as picture-perfect as possible when welcoming company because the Rabbit sees the home as a natural extension of their image. Needless to say, unannounced drop-ins are frowned upon.

While gracious to friends and coworkers, Rabbits may be somewhat distant from their own family or simply bored by domestic routine and duties. Rabbits hate cloying associations. They will shake off encroachments on their privacy and friends who impose without regret. They can be bureaucratic and overly cautious about difficult issues. They hate binding commitments and overinvolvement, so they can also be experts at passing the buck.

Rabbits are singularly debonair, possessing charm, grace, and courtliness. While they are singing your praises, however, they can also be drinking all your top-shelf whiskey. Yes, the Rabbit gravitates toward leisure and the cream of society. On second thought, the cream of society could well consist of poised and genial Hares.

At their best, Rabbits are admired for their suavity and intelligence, and they are respected for their sensible advice. At their worst, they are overly sensitive, imaginative, or just acidly indifferent or disinterested. They are allergic to strife and may avoid coming into contact with human suffering or misery, as though it were some highly contagious disease.

Rabbits are not easy to pin down. They can also resort to repressive and ruthless measures to secure their secrets or privacy. When Rabbits feel threatened, they will hide their anger, but their subtle brooding and concealed antagonism can take the form of subversive tactics. Despite all their positive qualities, natives of this sign will still value themselves above all else. When pushed too far, they will discard anything or anyone disrupting the calm of their existence. Their beliefs are known to be flexible, and they have the knack of playing both sides for insurance. Security could be an obsession to the weaker types of this lunar sign; you rarely find a Rabbit in areas of high risk or volunteering for dangerous missions.

The Rabbit’s love of ease coupled with their distaste for conflict may give them a reputation for being weak, opportunistic, and self-indulgent. Unlike the Dragon, Tiger, or Rooster, who enjoy and even thrive on a hearty fight now and then, Rabbits do not relish combat. They were not born to be warriors on the field. They are more effective working behind the scenes. Do not be concerned about the Rabbit’s well-being. Agile, sagacious, and armed with good sense, they will know how to keep out of harm’s way. Unlike other signs, who pursue lofty ideals, the Rabbit’s main objective in life is simply finding self-preservation and harmony.

The Rabbit year is said to bring peace or at least a respite from conflict or war. Likewise, the year’s natives will do everything in their power to restore harmony or leave the scene.

The Rabbit makes a good entertainer and is a wonderful host. Pleasant and warm company, they have a good word to say about everyone. But don’t let that fool you. They know more than they will say. You can easily recognize a Rabbit by their demeanor. They will be your best friend so long as you take care not to ask too much of them.

The well-groomed Rabbit is most compatible with those born in the year of the Sheep. They will share the same good taste and love of material comforts. Equally well suited will be a relationship with the Dog and the honest, big-hearted Boar. The Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Ox, Snake, and another Rabbit will make good secondary matches for Rabbits. But they will not be able to tolerate the vanity or criticism of the Rooster. They are unimpressed by the dramatics of the Tiger and unappreciative of the quick-tempered and mercurial ways of the Horse.

To sum it up, Hares simply leap over obstacles in their path and recover from calamities with remarkable resilience. No matter how they are tossed, they land on their feet. They may not be close to their family, but Rabbits will make every effort to provide them with the best of everything. Beneath their soft, vulnerable-looking exterior is an armor of caution and sagacity. Rabbits will avoid being drawn into conflict unless it affects them directly, at which time they will take the appropriate measures to protect their interests.

There is no great inner struggle between the forces of good and evil in the Rabbit’s heart. Rabbits believe in their own ability to survive, rely on their own judgment, and as a result are usually at peace with themselves. Theirs is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment.

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