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Chinese Horoscope: The Horse Personality

The Seventh Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Horse

People born in the Horse’s year will be cheerful, popular, and quick-witted, although their changeable nature may cause them to be hot-tempered, rash, and headstrong at times. Unpredictable Horse natives will fall in love easily and may fall out of love just as easily if they follow their capricious heart instead of their head. Earthy and warmly appealing, Horses are very perceptive and talkative, and they have raw sex appeal rather than straight good looks. They are noted for their love of sports, outdoor activities, and animals. As agile mentally as they are physically, Horses are quick to respond to any stimuli and will perform better than most people in difficult situations. In fact, a high-pressure moment can bring out the best in the Horse. While other animals may freeze or second-guess their actions, a Horse will act by instinct. Whether it’s an earthquake or a fender bender, the Horse will be calm and guide you to safety. A person born under the auspices of the passionate Horse will have a strong, magnetic, and commanding personality that could be aggressive and even militant at times. Often, they will be drawn to careers that are driven by duty and helping others; some of the most talented emergency room doctors, first responders, and teachers are born under this sign.

In many cases, the high-spirited Horse may choose to leave home early in life. There will be little a parent can do to hold them back if they wish to go it on their own. If they choose to stay longer, their independent nature will goad them to start working young or to take up a career at a relatively early age. The Horse will enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship, despite its heavy workload. This sign is suited to such a life, as Horses are noted for their keen minds and ability to handle money, even though they are often adventurers at heart. Energetic, impetuous, and even brash, the Horse is a showy dresser, partial to bright colors and striking designs to the point of occasional gaudiness. Horses see fashion as an extension of their unapologetic personality and will wear what they love, whether it is on trend or not. Either way, the Horse’s confidence makes it easy for them to carry off looks that are brave by any stretch.

While Horses like their freedom and will undoubtedly relocate many times, they will accumulate a vibrant display of colorful decor for the home. Not one to choose a neutral vanilla approach, the Horse will decorate with vigor. Mementos from world travels, crafts for talented friends, and art that inspires strong feelings will all be popular fixtures of a Horse’s home.

The athletic horse person loves exercise, both mental and physical. It is the nature of the Horse to prefer being outdoors rather than cooped up inside. Horses need to explore, try new things, and push toward interesting terrain. Often they will quickly grow bored if things become too monotonous. You can spot a Horse by their swift but graceful body movements, animated reflexes, and rapid speech. Horses respond quickly and can make decisions on the fly. Horses’ minds work with remarkable speed, and whatever they may lack in stability and perseverance, they will certainly make up for it with flexibility and open-mindedness. Whether the Horse enjoys playing a sport individually or with a team, he or she will be motivated by a competitive spirit, especially when striving for a personal best. This urge to challenge and outdo others often unleashes a rebellious streak in the daredevil Horse. Ever the nonconformist, Horses will try anything once before making up their mind. Horses value their own personal experience over popular wisdom, even though it usually comes with a fair amount of risk (and heartache).

A native of this sign is often called the Casanova of the cycle. Horses love falling in and out of love, and they enjoy being where the action is. Horses enjoy dating and relationships much like another sport to play and master. The nimble Horse is just as skillful in love as in business.

hey appraise situations astutely and are able to manipulate people and events to their advantage, with an above-average ability to sense which way the wind is blowing. The original pickup artists, Horses often approach strangers and break the ice with an uncommon ease. While more introverted signs may admire a crush from afar for years, the Horse will walk right up and charm them into joining him or her for drinks this evening.

On the negative side, the Horse person can be impulsive and stubborn. Horses are known for explosive tempers, and although they quickly forget their outbursts, others may not be able to recover or forget. The Horse’s loved ones will shudder at their lack of restraint. Without so much as a second thought, Horses will publicize their opinions for all to see. Silly discussions among friends will quickly turn into all-out wars. A side comment while watching a game can escalate thanks to a Horse’s passionate nature. Subsequently, this lack of discretion and self-control may cost the Horse a great deal. This trait also often causes the Horse to lose respectability and credibility among friends and coworkers. Horses tend to rush people to do their bidding, are often insensitive to other’s needs, and become unhappy when others do not perform as quickly and as efficiently as the Horse can. Horses demand a great deal from others but are ill-prepared to surrender one iota of their all-important freedom. They can also be childish and petty in satisfying their whims and caprices.

Not one to bear a grudge or thirst for vengeance, the Horse has a forgiving heart and can forget grievances once his or her flaming temper has burned itself out. However, the Horse is often forgetful, absentminded, and given to jumping to conclusions. Horses have to be nudged gently if they are to act with decorum and not appear uncouth, inconsiderate, or too impatient to have their own way. They must learn that sometimes a simple “please” or “thank you” can be more effective than a demanding request that sounds like an order. Most Horse natives know what they want and will have no difficulty identifying their goals, both in the short term and in the long term. However, their methods of achieving those goals may be controversial.

The intelligent Horse will want things done their way. The performance- and success-oriented Horse always has their sights set on some target. Self-centered by nature, Horse natives like their home and environment to revolve around them. With their remarkable powers of persuasion, Horses will set out to sway people to their way of thinking. Snapping their fingers and clicking their heels, these trailblazers could talk you into anything once they begin to turn on the charm. People find it hard to resist the Horse’s positive and self-assured outlook on life.

To be able to really understand the confident Horse, you have to know one thing: they firmly believe in the primacy of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” as the U.S. Declaration of Independence puts it—chiefly their own! If you happen to share these values, well, the Horse won’t stand in your way. Horses are not possessive, suspicious, or jealous. They only become aggressive when they fail to get their way after trying every angle. Their selfishness rarely extends to the monetary or material side of life. It would be more accurate to say they are selfish with their time, affection, and concern for others, and they are unwilling to modify their ways to suit the group. They don’t always set out to be deliberately inconsiderate or contrary; they just cannot wait for others to catch up with them or match their mental speed and physical activity. For these reasons, unless the Horse develops the virtue of patience, he or she is likely to be an outstanding performer but a poor teacher.

Horses’ inconsistency stems from their constantly changing moods. They sense nuances that may go unnoticed by everyone else, and they modify their behavior accordingly. In other words, they go by the feel of things. They often cannot understand why others are not as “in touch” as they are.

Some things are just so obvious—but don’t ask Horses to explain their hunches and uncanny deductions. They can’t. Theirs is the amazing ability to improvise while the game is in progress. Frequently, they will play several games at the same time and be more than capable of holding their own.

Once they make a decision, they do not hesitate to act. You will either find them dashing about doing 101 things or passed out from sheer exhaustion. More than most signs, the Horse finds it difficult to unwind and may suffer from hypertension and insomnia. It will be important for a Horse to stay physically active to assist in helping their mind shut off by the end of each day.

Horses keep odd hours. They are unable to stick to a schedule not of their own making and have a lack of respect for standard procedures. When an idea strikes them, they will work around the clock without eating or sleeping. Then, when things are slow in the office, they may take a day off to pursue something more interesting. Horses always need a stimulating job in order to display their competence and to provide the challenges they crave.

As one who can think up innovative strategies, the Horse native loves to devise dynamic new approaches, solve tricky problems with amazing practicality, and rapidly master difficult procedures. Horses are dependable in that they are able to find the quickest, easiest, and most clever solution no matter what the situation. So if you have a Horse working for you, give them variety and plenty of rope, and send them on impossible missions. They do their best when given their autonomy. But for goodness’ sake, keep them busy, because their performance will suffer when a job is undemanding.

When you talk to Horses, emulate them by coming to the point quickly; otherwise you will lose whatever fragile hold you have on their attention. Even if the answer is no, give it to them directly, without disguise. They are quite able to revise their plans when they meet with opposition.

Horses have a resilient streak of optimism, so disappointments tend to bounce right off of them. Stringing them along just brings out the worst in them. They will not take offense at frankness and will appreciate your being blunt and not wasting their time or trying to deceive them.

It would be unfair to ask Horses to restrain themselves or bottle up their feelings. They have to express themselves. If they are forced to hold back their emotions, they may openly revolt—or break out in a rash if they are the silent type. Suspense and straitjacket procedures frustrate them.

In matters of the heart, the Horse can be a fickle soul. That amazing stranger you met last week? Old news. The one you thought was accompanying the Horse on the big trip to Maui? Best not to ask for the whole story. The Horse’s heart can have a terribly short attention span. After all, Horses see little harm in flirtations. Long, drawn-out entanglements hold no appeal for the Horse. Despite all this, the animated and affable Horse is said to be very susceptible to the perils of love. Consequently, they may have many affairs that end unhappily or several engagements that are broken off. Horses should be encouraged to wait until they are more mature before making a long-term commitment. While the Horse may be perfectly willing and able to move on quickly from breakups, others often have different ideas about how to end a relationship.

Horses know which side their bread is buttered on. They won’t get caught in a one-sided contract unless it happens to favor their side. They have a multitude of friends, and they make more and more each day. But they learn never to rely too heavily on any of them. When Horses are off and running, they like to travel light, so they may feel that too many commitments will weigh them down.

Quick to warm up and reach top speed, a person born under the Horse sign is equally quick to lose interest. Neither can they sustain a long siege. They certainly won’t break down your door like a Dragon or stalk you like a Tiger. They will leave you some information and call another day when you are likely to be more receptive. When the winds of change start to blow, the smart Horse will be the first to alter course.

While they may not be particularly diligent workers, don’t assume a Horse has quit something because they have walked away. You can never be sure when a Horse will resume work on a long-shelved project. The Horse mind is like a jigsaw puzzle; if and when they find a piece that will fit, they use it.

Like their best friend, the Tiger, Horses will sow some pretty wild oats. But reminding Horses of their blunders will be useless. If there is anything this person dislikes, it’s to dwell on their mistakes. With a cheerful but sincere “mea culpa,” the Horse will shrug and chalk it up to experience. You can’t expect the Horse to win them all! Next time, they promise to proceed more carefully.

The Horse is full of sass. These animals can be tart and saucy, pert and pretty, while also nimble on their toes and quite intelligent. The original multi tasker, a Horse can work out, write emails, juggle text messages, and carry on a conversation all at the same time. Their ideas for relaxation can be similarly taxing. They work off their energy with play that could seem like hard labor to the rest of us. Did someone mention climbing Mount Everest? Give them two minutes to pack—you just welcomed another member to the expedition.

Horses love to get things done. They would be in ten places at the same time if they could. Sometimes it seems like Horses are competing with themselves. No one else can do so much so quickly.

Horses may look attractive and will usually smell good, but underneath it all, they have depth to match their agile bodies. They make friends easily and will take their romantic involvements lightly. Their homes are practical, easy, well-located stations where they can refuel and take stock of their situation, but you won’t find them parked in one place permanently.

They will love fresh air, greenness, and outdoor sights and sounds. Horses refresh themselves in a thousand ways. The ocean’s roar, the rustle of the trees, the magic of the woods, and the majesty of the mountains will all call to the Horse’s sense of adventure. When they take off, they aren’t being unfaithful or unreliable; it’s just their nature to respond to such exciting challenges. If you love a Horse and want to keep him or her, don’t fence them in.

Horses will accumulate wealth but not security. They don’t care for security, so they won’t miss it all that much. They do have an inclination to oversell, stretch the truth, or ad lib with little white lies—none of which, in their eyes, is a fault; it’s more of a by-product of their creative imagination. They are not timid about taking the lead, and they will run themselves ragged before stopping to listen to advice.

Asians believe that whatever unbridled passions the Horse possesses, they will be multiplied many times over when he or she is born in the year of the Fire Horse, which comes once every sixty-year cycle. The last Fire Horse year was 1966, and the next is 2026. In days of old, when liberated and overly assertive women were frowned upon as troublemakers and were difficult to marry off, it was considered unlucky to have a daughter born in this year. Legend has it that the Fire Horse will consume everything in its path and wreak havoc wherever it goes. Good or bad, Fire Horses cannot help but bring attention to themselves.

The Horse, like the Dragon and the Tiger, is identified as a strong masculine sign. However, the fame and fortune of the Fire Horse, as well as of other Horses, seldom benefits their immediate families, especially because they usually leave home early. Leonid Brezhnev, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, and Otto Preminger (all born in 1906) are but a few examples of Fire Horses. Aristotle Onassis gave his year of birth as 1905, but some historians put it as 1906, for he is said to have made himself a year older when he left home to get a job. When Theodora looked into his biography and phenomenal lifestyle, she was inclined to believe he was a Fire Horse, not a Snake.

A Horse born in the summer will lead a better life than one born in winter. The best part of the Horse’s life will come during middle age, when they are sufficiently mature to grudgingly accept the shackles of responsibility.

The best partners for the Horse will be the Tiger, Dog, and Sheep. The next-best matches will be the Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Rabbit, Boar, Rooster, or another Horse.

The Horse will not fall for the Rat, who will not care for the independent Horse’s shifting ways. The Horse could also experience significant conflict in dealings with the rigid Ox. The Ox will demand consistency, and the Horse cannot, and will not, comply.

In the end, Horses will follow their own superior instincts and find their own destiny with little or no outside help. Relying on their own abilities, they will be masters of their own fates.

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