Chinese Horoscope: The Dragon Personality

The Fifth Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Dragon

The mighty and magnificent Dragon of mythical folklore never ceases to enchant us or stir our imaginations. So it must be said that some of its magical qualities, illusory or not, are contained in those born under its sign.

Dragon people are magnanimous and full of vitality and strength. To them, life is a blaze of colors, and they are constantly on the go. Egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic, whimsical, or terribly demanding and unreasonable, they still never lack for admirers. Proud, aristocratic, and very direct, the Dragon-born establish their ideals early in life and demand that others meet the same high standards they set for themselves.

In Chinese mythology, the formidable Dragon symbolizes the emperor or male. The indestructible Phoenix is the symbol of the empress or female. Thus, those born in the Dragon year are said to wear the horns of destiny, which represent power and duty. A Dragon child will tend to assume burdens and responsibilities, even if he or she happens to be the youngest in the family. Often, older Dragon children can bring up their younger siblings with more authority than the parents.

The Dragon is a veritable storehouse of energy. Their impetuosity, eagerness, and almost religious zeal can blaze like the fabled fire the Dragon emits from its mouth. Dragons have the potential to accomplish great things, which is fortunate, as the Dragon likes to perform on a grand scale. However, unless they contain their enthusiasm, they may burn themselves out and end up in a puff of smoke. This is the most likely of the signs to become fanatical over an issue to the point of obsession. Whatever Dragons do, good or bad, they will never fail to make headlines. The Chinese call the Dragon the guardian of wealth and power, making this a prosperous sign to belong to. But then again, the Dragon is the sign most prone to megalomania. They just do not take defeat gracefully. The powerful Dragon is difficult—at times even impossible—to oppose. Dragons tend to intimidate those who dare challenge them. An angry, spurned Dragon could be like the big, bad wolf at your door. They’ll huff and they’ll puff until they blow your house down.

But the Dragon is likely to be loyal to his or her loved ones, despite having a strong temper and dogmatic ways. Whatever differences a Dragon may have with family members will be forgotten or set aside when they call for help. The Dragon can put aside resentments and come to the rescue promptly. However, the Dragon’s family can also count on receiving a severe lecture once the crisis is over. Dragons seldom mince words, stating their views as if they were imperial edicts. Although they may rave about the virtues of free speech and democracy, don’t buy it. Dragons feel themselves to be above the law and don’t always practice what they preach.

Sometimes it can be terribly difficult for Dragons to be civil, affectionate, or honey-tongued. They would much rather be rough, rude, and utterly inconsiderate when provoked. But don’t try to give them the same medicine. Somehow it just won’t work, unless you happen to be another Dragon and decide to do battle. Then we can all sit back and watch magnificent fireworks that will make the Fourth of July look like candles on a birthday cake.

In spite of sitting on a volcano of emotions, the Dragon is not sentimental, overly sensitive, or very romantic. The Dragon takes love and adulation for granted. But although Dragons may be stubborn, irrational, and overbearing when irked, they can forgive you the moment they get over their outburst. And because things are supposed to work both ways, Dragons expect your forgiveness for their errors as well. Dragons may even neglect to apologize at times, which may seem callous, but then Dragons really have no time to explain themselves (at least that’s how they see it) or to be bothered by grudges or trifles. They just want to get on with their work.

While Dragons may be strong and decisive, they are not cunning or manipulative. They shun easy adaptability and tricky negotiations. When the contest is to be decided on strength alone, the Dragon will conquer hands down. Often, though, Dragons are overconfident, brash and deluded by their wonderful visions. Accordingly, they neglect to pay attention to potential upsets or underhanded plots that could overcome them. Instead of sniffing around to nose out what schemes might be brewing, they prefer to plunge right into battle, refusing to retreat even in the face of overwhelming odds. Too proud, they disdain calls for assistance; too sure, they rarely keep anything in reserve. Too intent on going forward, they forget to protect their rear and flanks. Too moral to bend, they refuse to lie or compromise. Further, they are unable to decipher information presented indirectly, as in clever innuendoes and insinuations. They also generally fail to spot the evil and subversive intent of their enemies. To the Dragon person, having a purpose or special mission in life is essential. They must always have a cause to fight for, a goal to reach, a right to wrong. Otherwise, how can they keep that inner fire burning? Without their pet projects, rallies, and other impossible schemes, the Dragon is like a locomotive without fuel. They fizzle out and become dull and listless.

The Dragon has the same affinity for success as the Snake, but because Dragons express their views more openly and their failures are more likely to involve some form of physical exertion, they are usually spared deep psychological struggles. Being a doer, the Dragon will undertake solo crusades, lead demonstrations, confront leaders face to face, or collect a million signatures on a petition. Utilizing every tool they can get their hands on, Dragons will do their best to galvanize change. They will document, publicize, and bring people together with relentless energy. Dragons will voice their feelings and act with passion. This method of belching fire and brimstone effectively rids them of any inner neurosis that could otherwise result. Bottling up feelings can only result in regret for the action-oriented Dragon.

The Dragon is a hero at heart—the kind written about in legend and folklore. They will be die-hard believers in equal rights. Double standards and discrimination will arouse their wildest passions and greatest anger. And no matter the Dragon’s size, social upbringing, or financial means, don’t underestimate them. When a Dragon is determined to beat you at your own game, they will win or die trying. They’ll never stand idly by and accept their fate. A Dragon is the stuff empires are built on, like the leaders of old. Cross them and the sky will fall.

To tell the truth, the Dragon is strictly a no-nonsense person. Dragons show this by the way they dress. Practical, functional clothes appeal to them—no frills or flimsy laces, no buttons or bows. Clothes that go on and come off easily and provide them with maximum comfort and movement will be the top choice. A Dragon hates unnecessary restrictions and limitations. Actually, they may even prefer a uniform. A neutral mix of clothes that require little thought but fit the functional needs of work, play, and comfort will tick all the boxes for the Dragon. This makes joining the ranks of the military or another institution that is built on tradition an easy match for this animal. This way—starched, crisp, and superbly efficient—they can pop off to work every day without the bother of having to decide what to wear. Dragons make excellent teachers and can inspire others to follow their example. Being natural educators and instructors, they are always clear about what they want from others and how things should be done.

The Dragon rarely overdecorates. This animal believes that brilliance lies in the mind and will shine forth without any adornment. Dragons’ homes will similarly be thoughtful and efficient. Many will be drawn to the clean lines of industrial, highly modern design or will adopt a minimalist approach to putting together a home. The simple, even sparse quality of such furnishings will bring peace to the Dragon, who wants the home to be a place where they can focus easily with nothing to distract them or that requires meticulous maintenance. Dragons have very high self-esteem and feel they do not need the help of big brands or fancy accessories to help raise their profile. A Dragon doesn’t expect to be treated like royalty (just close to it); but they do want your respect, and material possessions are not typically part of their strategy.

Despite having as many faults as virtues, the luster of the Dragon shines on everyone. Dragons are not petty, nor do they begrudge favors. They may grumble a lot, but they cannot resist helping the needy or coming to the rescue of those in trouble. This may not be because they feel real compassion or even genuine concern; more often than not, Dragons help out because they have a profound sense of duty to all.

Somehow, the Dragon will always have a notable contribution to make. You can count on their support, for they will not let you down if they can help it. Dragons will exhaust all their resources before they admit failure. An extrovert and lover of nature, this person will be an active camper, an inveterate traveler, and an excellent talker. Dragons have the makings of top salespeople, and they and their band of loyal followers will always be promoting something.

The weather at the time of a Dragon’s birth will greatly affect his or her life. A child born during a storm will lead a tempestuous, hazardous life beset by danger or spectacular experiences. One born on a day when the sea (the Dragon’s ancestral home) and the heavens are calm will have a protected existence and a more amiable nature.

The Dragon native will either pair off early or prefer to remain single. A Dragon can be happy leading a solitary life, as work and career will keep them well occupied. They will seldom lack friends or admirers to keep them company as well. Dragons will feel that their life is plenty full, no matter how romance may favor them.

Dragons are not spendthrifts, but they are not misers, either. They are generous with money, but they are never too concerned about their finances unless they happen to have a money-making ascendant like the Rooster or the Rat.

This person is super-positive. Nothing will keep them down for long, and even when they are down in the dumps, they will snap out of it faster than anyone else. Their buoyancy often defies rhyme or reason.

For a sign that never accepts defeat, Dragons provide their own worst opposition. They will dash headlong into a disastrous situation when they are convinced they are right. Pompous and self-destructive, you say? No, not really. It is just that this person must follow their plans and ideals regardless of the consequences. After all, they were put on Earth to raise standards to superlative heights, and the more you try to change their course of action or steer them away from trouble, the more headstrong they may become. They live up to their reputation for taking the lead even when matters become most unpleasant.

Whatever else is true about them, a Dragon will be an open person; you can read them like a book. It is difficult for Dragons to pretend to have emotions they do not feel. They rarely even bother to try. They are not secretive, either, and they cannot keep a confidence for long. Even when they swear not to breathe a word, they will blurt it out when they get angry and sparks begin to fly. It is not in the Dragon’s nature to censor their messages, especially when their feelings get the better of them. They will confront strangers, send messages meant for a few to the entire community, and not think twice about the long-term effect. You say the Dragon promised to keep their thoughts (and yours!) a secret? What secret? How can you bother them with such a trivial thing at a time like this? Those who are raising a Dragon or are in charge of public relations for one have a terribly difficult job on their hands. The Dragon is spontaneous and outspoken—a powerful and unpredictable combination.

The Dragon’s feelings are genuine and always straight from the heart. When they declare they love you, you can be absolutely sure they are sincere.

Should a person belong to the rougher variety of Dragons, they could be very abrasive. Their direct, brusque manners and callousness could well antagonize people. But generally speaking, they will inspire action. Things they want done immediately should be attended to personally, not in writing or over the phone. The Dragon’s presence provides the magnetism to swing people over to his or her way of thinking. Dragons motivate everyone they come into contact with. Dragons will need no motivation—they are more than capable of generating their own momentum.

It will never be hard to place your confidence in the truth-loving Dragon. They seldom waver, cower, or shift responsibility. They possess little or no self-doubt. With their natural pioneering spirit, their endeavors will either be stupendous successes or unbelievable exercises in futility. They must drive to the very edge of the precipice and take a good look for themselves. Just hold your breath, keep your fingers crossed, and pray that they have good brakes. Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” concisely sums up how the Dragon ticks. The Dragon is an original, and they will chart their path however they please.

Of all the animal signs, the Dragon will be attracted most to the irresistible Monkey. The Monkey will similarly be drawn to the Dragon’s majesty, and they will make an unbeatable team. A Dragon-Rat union will be an equally winning combination, as the Rat is crafty whereas the Dragon is strong. They can do great things together. The Dragon will likewise make a good match with the cool and venerable Snake, whose wisdom could check the Dragon’s excessiveness.

Tiger, Rooster, Horse, Sheep, Rabbit, and Boar will all seek Dragons out for their beauty and strength. Two Dragons will get along pretty well, but the Dragon’s relationship with the Ox may be a bit strained by the Ox’s similar authoritativeness. Of all the animal signs, perhaps only the Dog will make a miserable partner for the Dragon. The Dragon will come under the close scrutiny of the Dog, and the Dog will be too cynical to fall under the Dragon’s spell. The Dog could be a pain in the Dragon’s rear end, as the egalitarian Dog demands equality and justice for all; and when the Dog checks the scales, he or she may find the Dragon tipping them arbitrarily in the Dragon’s own favor without even realizing it. Sometimes Dragons see themselves as just a little more equal than most, and this really raises the hackles of our fair-minded Dog.

Above all, it is worth remembering that although Dragons are dazzling, they are not always deep. Only when they can harness their legendary powers can they perform the miracles they are famous for. They need people to believe in them!

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