Monday, September 7, 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope November 2020

weekly horoscope 2020 for virgo in november 2020

Virgo First Week Predictions November 2020

On Nov. 1st, nostalgia will well up tears in your eyes. Between 1st & 3rd you’ll be seriously involved in your work. May come forward to help the needy and distressed. In your trade and profession you’ll emerge as a powerful party. In the financial field you’ll have many achievements. With your gift of the gab and tact you’ll achieve your end against all odds. Between 4th & 5th don’t be over lenient to your staff or else results will be disastrous. Work pressure will mount. Property related dispute may become more complicated. Between 6th & 7th you may read some knowledge enhancing literature. Your discomfiture will be much less if you have good terms with everybody.

Virgo Second Week Predictions November 2020

Between 8th & 10th you may receive some happy news regarding some of your friend or relation. Mental agreement will end the property related dispute. Your attention will be focused on your aim. The home atmosphere will be quite congenial. Between 11th & 12th your health will improve. Financially the things will be rather unpleasant. However your parents will shower their blessings on you. Enriched by their experience you’ll work better. Between 13th & 14th some unpleasant event may give you much loss in business. Somebody’s harsh remark may hurt you deeply. On 15th things will be better. Success in govt. related matters will be assured.

Virgo Third Week Predictions November 2020

On 16th you’ll find some basic change occurring in your life which shall give you a long-turn stability in life. May have more admires and friends name added to your list. On 17th you may think of the renovation of the house. May have to also spend on your vehicle. Some electronic appearance may also develop defect. You’ll also have the curiosity to learn something new. Between 19th & 20th you may get your long held up due money. Differences with your relations or friends will be duly removed. Between 21st & 23rd you could be quite worried as your progeny/student may face a series of hurdles. You may think of some new schemes but they shall not be implemented.

Virgo Fourth Week Predictions November 2020

Between 24th & 25th you have the Gaj-Kesari Yoga in your own sign. You may get refund from the Income Tax or from the contractor. You’ll remain busy in financial dealings like your bank related jobs, shares or investment related activities. Your contact with some influential person will give you many advantages now. Between 26th & 28th your some family member’s anger could cause you concern. Some third party may cause differences in your relations or friends even by luring them with some money. So be guarded. You may also buy something new for your house. Between 29th & 30th you can get promotion if in service. You’ll get many opportunities to progress in your profession. The results of the past interviews or test you had appeared will get you favourable results now.

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