Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Taurus December 2020

taurus in december 2020

Taurus Monthly Horoscope December 2020

There may be some awkward question you have to answer this month; yes, you can brush off criticisms and declare detractors as jealous, but what they are saying will strike a deep note within you, and no matter how much you dislike what you hear about yourself, you know somewhere it may have a grain of truth, and that can be a trigger for you transforming yourself or your attitudes.

On one level, you are craving something new, and in a weird way, you may attract either criticism or opposition to trigger something within you that will lead to change. Negatives fast turn to positives as you are craving an internal change, you need to lose outdated attitudes so that you can evolve and seize opportunities, no longer being held back by regressive complexes.

There is a shift this month from trying to keep control to actually trying to mix things up – yes, you welcome disruptions that can be a catalyst for change, and you welcome dynamic situations where you can use the events to your advantage so you can reposition yourself.

This is a highly strategic month; you need a game plan right now – you can be inspired to act in haste and to go against the grain, but you should not do this without knowing what your next move is.

It may be December and a time to relax, unwind and kick back; however, for Taurus, this is the time to carefully consider your position and how to increase your power both at work and at home – this is why you need to cut out self-defeating behaviour, i.e., allowing others to play on feelings of obligation or guilt. Do not act rashly or in temper so giving others an excuse to chastise and then control you via your own feelings of remorse.

You can see how eliminating negative emotions can free you from control as it is via your own deep-seated emotions of regret, fear, guilt, etc. that others are able to manipulate you. Rid yourself of these, and they have no power.

taurus monthly love horoscope december 2020

Taurus Love Horoscope December 2020

No matter what stage of the relationship or how good or bad the relationship is, it is time to look at what goes on at a deeper level – where is the power, who has power in which situation? You have the chance this year to take back control in situations where you have given too much ground before.

In your sex life, it is not enough to just go through the motions, it is about knowing what you want and not being afraid to express it – this can be quite exciting and can also open up new avenues for you to explore, so let your hair down sexually.

This month has a solidifying effect on relationships – marriages become stronger and more satisfying, and new relationships enter a new phase where it is stability. You may not love every aspect of your partner, but the differences are not dividing you right now as you are seeing that different attitudes can be complementary when dealing with the wider world – so what separates you as individuals can actually be something which helps you function as a team.

2020 ends on a good note for relationships with not only a cementing of love but constructive changes within your love dynamic.

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