Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sagittarius December 2020

sagittarius in december 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope December 2020

Mercury retrograde will cause certain issues up until the 23rd of December.

You will find that sometimes others misinterpret what you say or get the wrong message. At work and in your home life, make sure you make firm arrangements and also make notes or send memos to avoid any confusion.

Never assume anything, and get facts straight. You need to be careful of acting on misinformation.

There is a great deal of nervous tension this month, and you will not have much patience; it will be a month when you jump from thing to thing. It is a very good time for multitasking where you can juggle many balls simultaneously; so plan for varied activities.

One problem right now is overthinking problems – you can generate anxiety by fixating on issues which are not as important as you are making them. This month, things will come together, and even though it will all be a bit of a rush, the end result will be pleasing.

Sagittarians can be rather scatty this month, and you need to keep diaries and notes to ensure your more administrative chores are not forgotten or neglected.

This is a very creative month and is perfect for seasonal activities from charity events, carol services, pantomimes, party arranging or even decorating. Sagittarians can be heavily involved in social events or children’s activities based on seasonal themes, and you will gain a great deal emotionally from these. There is no bah humbug, Sagittarians will immerse themselves in the spirit and the mystical drama of Christmas.

sagittarius monthly love horoscope december 2020

Sagittarius Love Horoscope December 2020

Suppressed energies can be a disruptive force in relationships, and so you need to address your fears, anger, or feelings right away, not bottling anything up – however, sometimes when you do say things, it can come out all wrong. This is a difficult time to express feelings and become understood.

Possibly because you do not fully understand your feelings yourself.

December is a time of turbulent emotions in love, and you can go from anger to love to jealousy in a split second; you are inclined to jump the gun and overreact to small things. You may read too much into what your partner does or says, or indeed does not say. The problem is that you have certain expectations and when not met you can become angry, and yet you need to look back at why you even developed those expectations in the first place, and if they were that important. You tend to build up a mental picture, and when real events are contrary, you can feel let down, but you should be more easygoing and let events develop rather than creating detailed expectations about what would constitute good or bad. Things are not black and white, and every situation should be judged as you go.

You do have a tendency to flare up this month, but so many of the things you are getting heated up about (in new and old relationships) just do not matter, and so you should let them go and focus on something else.

In new relationships, the advice is to take things as they come without planning ahead in detail. Dates are best left spontaneous.

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