Sunday, September 6, 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope November 2020

weekly horoscope 2020 for libra in november 2020

Libra First Week Predictions November 2020

On 1st remembering once some great soul will make you much sentimental. Professionally you may not do much. Service class people will be quite busy. Between 2nd & 3rd you may get only mixed results. Much relief is expected from a chronic worry. Between 4th & 5th you’ll get many good opportunities for your work. May plan for business expansion. Your relations/family members will be quite helpful. May have good terms with senior officials and VIP politicians. Money inflow will be thick and fast. Between 6th & 7th you may face some clashes and confrontations as enemies may try to dominate. Business loss is also indicated.

Libra Second Week Predictions November 2020

On 8th enemies will be quite assertive. Hurdles in the realization of due money. You must drive vehicle carefully. Between 9th & 10th guests may come. The students may fare well. You’ll feel quite enthusiastic and full of zeal for life. Professional activities will be beneficial. Between 11th & 12th you’ll try to cut cost and be thrifty. Journeys may give you good money. However, you must monitor closely your foes’ activities. Ladies will be very helpful to you. May meet old friends and family members. On 15th, you may find yourself cornered by worries and tension. Avoid any deal with strangers otherwise you’ll suffer.

Libra Third Week Predictions November 2020

On 16th you may face some untoward incident. May have to spend much money in medical treatment. Be cautious while having close terms with a member of opposite sex. Between 17th & 18th situations will again be normal. Don’t let lethargy disturb your work schedule. Mars in exaltation in 4th may help you develop close terms with the Police and Administrative officials. Between 19th & 20th you may indulge in charity and philanthropic deeds. Between 21st & 23rd you’ll find your financial condition improving miraculously. Your some solid and vital decisions in business may fetch you long lasting and beneficial results.

Libra Fourth Week Predictions November 2020

Between 24th & 25th someone may hurt you emotionally. May have a tiff with some close relation, but soon it would dissolved also. Between 26th & 28th Nov. you may plan to go out for sightseeing or on picnic with your friends and family members. A chance of meeting with some high senior person may help you in your professional growth in future. Between 29th & 30th you may get only mixed results. The worry about your progeny’s marriage may end with some favourable development.

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