Friday, September 18, 2020

Libra December 2020

libra  in december 2020

Libra Monthly Horoscope December 2020

Librans are coming over as gentle yet strong and that aids you in your connections with children and the vulnerable, and I do see Librans being involved with children, the elderly or the vulnerable this season regarding charity work or family.

You can be extremely persuasive (which can aid you in your dealings with colleagues and employees) as you are non-confrontational yet firm. It is also about soft power – gently feeling your way, sussing out the mood of those you are dealing with and adapting your approach. In any situation, play it as it comes rather than deciding on a one-set strategy and going with that no matter what. In a similar way, this month is not a time when plans go to plan. The best-laid plans will derail with Mercury retrograde in the 3rd, but you need not worry as it will soon become apparent that even better plans can be made second time around with some extra polishing.

Even disruptive travel trips can be enjoyable due to a comradery among fellow disgruntled passengers.

Libra should be careful with overindulgence in food or alcohol this December as your tolerance is not as high as usual. Look after your liver and drink plenty of water.

Plans for Christmas are often last minute and rather spontaneous.

libra  monthly love horoscope december 2020

Libra Love Horoscope December 2020

Libra are very alluring and attractive to the opposite sex (or potential lovers) this festive season. You are radiating an intriguing and understated sexuality, as well as being charming and also helpful. Librans are highly approachable right now. You may meet new love interests via charitable ventures connected with the season. You are certainly open emotionally and displaying an uncynical attitude to love that is appealing.

Love and transport are linked this month, and with Mercury retrograde, there will be delays or even strikes, but you could strike up conversations and begin friendships and even love affairs when stuck in airport lounges or a train station.

There is a free flow to lovemaking this month with less regimentation and more of a relaxed, easygoing vibe where it feels natural and good. It is great that you are feeling so relaxed again with your partner; cares seem far away, and although this month is not as lustful or passionate, it is intensely rewarding.

There is a great respect for each other’s individual quirks and eccentricities, and you can enjoy these rather than criticising or trying to change each other.

It is like you have reached a point where you realise that the traits which can grate on you occasionally are also quite similar to what makes you attracted to each other.

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