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Leo December 2020

leo in december 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope December 2020

Children may sap your energy or throw things at you last minute in the early part of this month, and so the old adage, “never work with children or animals,” is apt; expect them not to play ball. It may be a case of at 10:30 p.m., you get the “Mom I need a donkey costume for tomorrow,” like where do you find a donkey costume at 10:30 p.m., on a Tuesday night? You may find yourself roped into school nativity projects or productions and more involved with school activities of your kids than you have time for.

If Leo are pregnant, an early delivery or unexpected birthing experience could occur, i.e., birth in a car due to snowstorm, etc. You should not be concerned as all will work out well, but things could be more hectic and chaotic than expected. This month, there could also be a pregnancy you were not expecting, or you may be surprised to become a grandparent. Grown up children may move back home or need your support this month as they are going through a life transition.

Mercury is retrograde this month but turns direct on the 23rd just in time for a relaxing Christmas week, so although the run up will be a effort, you can be sure that there will be plenty of time for seasonal fun and cheer after the 23rd.

This month is exciting for Leo as opportunities arise from you unwittingly being in the right place at the right time; your timing is fortunate, and people respond to you very favourably. You will make new friends who can enrich your life. You feel self-sufficient, and there is confidence and excitement for the new year.

Events this month are more significant and more personal, making this month an important one regarding reaching landmarks or important marking points in your route forward.

leo monthly love horoscope december 2020

Leo Love Horoscope December 2020

Your nurturing and caring side will be called on this month as your partner will need a little extra TLC; it may be that your love partner has the seasonal flu or has added stress in their business due to year end, but you may have to take more responsibility to help them. It will not be easy for you to play the role of supporter as it will create a conflict with some of your goals and will feel quite taxing. Your partner’s moods may be draining even if you do have sympathy.

Your partner needs extra support and even some mothering, and your ability to cope with the added burden and keep your own aims on track will take some juggling and yet can also bring good karma and so stick with it.

Diplomacy, being easygoing and accepting is important in relationships; this is not the time to criticise or lecture – go with things and save your advice for another day.

Single Leo could meet a new partner who happens to be either a superior or an expert in your field and this can be very exciting for you as involvement with this person could open doors and also be highly intellectually stimulating, moving your knowledge of the subject on rapidly.

Karma is a very important factor in relationships – your efforts, support, and kindness towards your partner will return to you twofold. For single Leo, good deeds to partners in the past can now come back to reward you regarding meeting someone who can now give you a hand up both in terms of personal and professional development.

While some aspects of relationships need sacrifice, extra work, and responsibility, this will bring you closer, and as the month draws to an end, there is a wonderful feeling of togetherness, happiness, and romance.

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