Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gemini December 2020

gemini in december 2020

Gemini Monthly Horoscope December 2020

This month, people who go back on their word can disappoint you; you may also realise that some have offered more than they can deliver, and you will be kept waiting or have to make other arrangements.

Relationships with others are quite intense and draining right in December, and it can be heavy work dealing with folks on a daily basis. You will have to be very patient and often bite your tongue to maintain good relations.

While one to one contacts can be tiresome, communicating with people en masse can be much more effective and less hassle. So work with groups is easier than one to one contacts.

This festive season, Gemini may be more involved in seasonal events than usual from carol services to soup kitchens, to Christmas fairs. There is the desire to get involved, and the Christmas spirit will affect you more than usual, with you having the desire to spread goodwill, be generous, host events, and help those in need. There is a need to mother people and even open up your home to friends and family more so than you usually would at this time of year.

Gemini may even attend church this Christmas for the first time in many years – there is an enjoyment of the ceremony and almost the musical element, even if you are not religious. For Gemini who are religious this Christmas, this will have an extra special meaning regarding renewed value of your faith.

Gemini may be inclined to visit psychics or get astrology readings as there is a great interest in the non-material meaning of life right now and in establishing goals for the New Year that revolve around personal development and the spiritual side of life.

This year it is better to spend the holidays at home rather than taking a trip – if you do take a trip, make sure you keep the numbers in your party down to the minimum to avoid complications. In any trips, try to plan ahead and don’t leave too many details to the last minute as this will add to stress and also confusion.

gemini monthly love horoscope december 2020

Gemini Love Horoscope December 2020

While groups trips away are not ideal, a romantic trip away just for two could work very well. However, the advice about planning stands – get organised or risk many petty arguments and frustrations ruining the experience.

While the general stress with this time of year can cause bickering, things, in general, should be pleasant and harmonious for all love relationships.

Progress can be made in understanding in all love relationships, and there is an increased amount of affection, tenderness, and care. Gemini are willing to go the extra mile, and this makes all the difference. Sexually, this month holds both satisfaction and emotional fulfilment.

Single Gemini can be attracted to types that are narcissistic and self-centered; while you may at first find the confidence of this type of person a turn on, you will fast realise they are selfish, and your attitude to them will change.

Quite a few new romances will be more about revelling in the seasonal atmosphere than about true love and will probably fizzle out in the New Year, and so do not put too much stake in them.

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