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Chinese Horoscope: The Rat Personality

The First Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Rat

The charm and innovative personality of the Rat is legendary. The Rat did not become the first sign of the cycle without good reason. According to her story, when the Lord Buddha issued the summons for all the animals to come to him before he departed the Earth, he entrusted the Rat and the Rooster with the mission to get the word out. Both did their utmost to reach as many of their fellow beasts as possible. The Rooster worked days and did most of its crowing during the sunlight hours, while the Rat worked during the night. In its intense diligence to round up as many animals as possible, the Rooster was delayed and was thus the tenth animal to arrive at the appointed time and place. After the Rooster came the Dog, and last came the Boar.

One can imagine the Rat rushing about with the good news. The Rat went from place to place encouraging all the other animals to meet the Buddha before he departed. However, being the resourceful and practical animal that it is, the Rat decided to save energy by asking other animals for a ride because it was tired from running about conveying the Great Sage’s invitation. And the Rat certainly did not want to be late.

Knowing the Horse was the swiftest of the lot, the Rat tried to get a free ride from it. But the temperamental Horse would have none of it.

Fiercely independent and proud, the Horse decided that no one could tell it what to do and when to do it. There was plenty of time to trot to the appointment when it was ready. The Horse told the Rat to get a ride from someone else. Ever since then, the Rat and the Horse never got along. The Rat thought the Horse was selfish and thoughtless, while the Horse felt that the clever Rat was too manipulative and demanding.

Nonetheless, the Rat was too intelligent to be discouraged for long and used its wits again. This time it approached the sturdy and kind-hearted Ox, who was more than happy to carry the little Rat on its back. Furthermore, the dutiful Ox was early for the appointment and was therefore the first animal to arrive on the scene. But when the Lord Buddha said he was going to honor the Ox by naming it the first sign of the lunar cycle, the Rat jumped down from the Ox’s back and claimed that privilege. The Ox did not oppose the Rat, as it felt the Rat had done more than its fair share by bringing the news to all the animals. So the Buddha justly conferred the esteemed first place and leadership of the lunar cycle upon the crafty Rat. This was how the Rat got its free ride and also got to be number one.

The Rat can be forthright, inquisitive, and intrusive but always in such a disarmingly honest way that we find ourselves at a disadvantage. We are simply caught off guard by the Rat’s friendly approach, so we naturally spill the beans. It is in business that this sign really excels. Once there was a young man in the streets of London promoting some gadget for sale. He presented quite a novel image of himself and his wares, but above all else, everyone noticed the T-shirt he had on. It read: “Be Alert! England Needs Lerts!” That sense of humor combined with keen business acumen summarizes the Rat’s inborn entrepreneurial sense. Yes, the Rat is always alert to any opportunity for making money.

Remarkably easy to get along with, hardworking and thrifty, Rats will be generous only to those they are inordinately fond of, so if you get an expensive gift from them, you know they hold you in high esteem. Yet, in spite of their penny-pinching ways, the Rat will never be found wanting for admirers, as they emit such fantastic appeal.

On the surface, some Rats may appear reserved, even placid, but they are never as quiet as they may seem. Something is always going on inside that sharp mind. Actually, Rats are easily agitated, but they are able to maintain self-control, which explains why they are so popular and have such a multitude of friends.

The Rat person is usually a bright, fun-loving, and sociable character. Occasionally, you may come across a supercritical or grouchy, fault-finding Rat. But on the whole, they enjoy parties and other large gatherings. They will endeavor to join exclusive clubs and as a rule can be found in a close circle of friends or fellow conspirators. The Rat is very outgoing and likes getting involved. How else are they going to be in the thick of things and amass all that information they have about everyone?

Rats really cherish their friends, coworkers, and family relations. At times they get hopelessly tangled in other people’s affairs because they cannot easily rid themselves of strong emotional attachments once they make them. Their capacity to love can only be overruled by their shrewdness and love of money.

A Rat boss may demonstrate great concern about whether their employees are getting enough exercise or eating a balanced diet. In their heart, they sincerely care about an individual’s welfare; they will visit them when they are sick and make the other person’s problems their problems. Yet when it comes to giving a hardworking employee that well-deserved raise, they will hedge and be a little stingy. A lot of arm-twisting and collective bargaining is needed when it comes to parting a Rat from their money.

The Rat parent may continually amaze you by being a model of frugality. They are forever distributing old clothes, recycling toys, buying or selling secondhand items, and stretching meals, leftovers, and the budget until the family could scream. However, they may not care to apply these same penny-pinching standards when dealing with their own precious offspring. If a Rat’s children figure out how to get around them, the Rat parent will find it hard to deny them anything. Rat people are rarely tightwads where their loved ones are concerned. Strange how every time a Rat cuts a cake, their child will get the largest slice, no matter whose birthday it is. They cannot help but favor their own children unconsciously.

Rats are also voted most likely to recycle a gift, which gives new meaning to the saying “what goes around comes around.” The sport of matching a gift with one who will truly appreciate it is a happy pasttime for the Rat. Of course, if both money and time are saved in the process, how can anyone blame the resourceful Rat?

Rats are by nature decidedly clannish. Maybe there is some truth in the belief that there is safety in numbers. The Rat never worries about having another mouth to feed and will allow their relatives, in-laws, and friends to stick around the house and live off them. Why? Because the crafty Rat will always find something for them to do to earn their keep. Laggards, wanderers, and freeloaders will all get put to work swiftly in the Rat’s household. Charity has its limits. Trust the efficient and practical Rat to exemplify that.

The Rat native keeps their own secrets well but can be an expert at weeding other people’s gardens. They have few qualms about using vital confidential information or capitalizing on the mistakes of others. Trust them to investigate rumors and follow through on privileged information.

What do you mean, insider trading? That couldn’t possibly apply to them. After all, one certainly cannot expect the Rat to ignore opportunity’s knock, especially when their ear is glued to the door so much of the time! A wink, a nod, or the tiniest move of an eyebrow is all you need to signal the Rat that something’s afoot. They will track that signal all the way to its source.

As much as the Rat likes to camouflage or hide their feelings, one can always tell when they are upset. They become edgy, curt, and impertinent.

Some may even become absolute nags. Inefficiency, idleness, waste, and tardiness go against their active and industrious nature and cause them to harp at the subject of their displeasure until things are done right. The Rat loves to run the show, and everyone and everything had better look sharp under their stewardship.

On the negative side, the Rat person loves to gossip, criticize, compare, carp, and bargain endlessly—and usually over unimportant issues. Maybe they enjoy doing so just for the fun of it. Debates stimulate them, and they are never lacking an opinion or an intricately reasoned argument.

They often buy things they do not really need just because they can get a good deal and are easily taken in by bargains. It’s the Rat’s inborn accumulative urge. Mementos, souvenirs, and hoards of sentimental junk will be found tucked away in their room and in their heart. Every once in a while you will hear a Rat wonder out loud about simplifying and downsizing to a smaller, more minimalist home. While they may try, the Rat will only be at ease if there is access to great storage. The Rat likes to be prepared for everything, so whatever space the Rat has, she will use. A Rat also tends to be the neighborhood busybody, though more often than not their intentions are good. The solicitous Rat is always ready to share money-saving tips, recipes, sale specials, free samples, advice about discount store outlets, and where to go to get the most for the least.

They will bring you a meal if you are ill, hold your packages while you are away, and if you are planning on a big purge of your home, the Rat is the best ally to have around. The one problem may be that they will cart all your junk over to their home and try to find uses for it. They don’t call such people “pack rats” for nothing.

It is not surprising that the Rat is reputed to be an excellent writer. Rats make it a point to know practically everything about everyone in town. They keep tabs, have an uncanny eye for detail and a good memory, and are incredibly inquisitive. The Rat loves to investigate. A reporter par excellence, they are good at keeping records and are always in on the latest news.

Rats tend to be active journalers. What can start as a way to organize one’s thoughts can quickly give way to long diary entries or perhaps a blog or newsletter. The Rat’s talent for communication, combined with their diligence and problem-solving abilities, make them particularly active and valuable members of any community. When Rats choose to be vocal, their reviews and articles are thorough, and the tips and tricks they share are always useful. When it comes to the topic of saving money, they are effective—but often not for the faint of heart. They will show you how to get the last gram of toothpaste out of the tube or perhaps an inventive way to reuse a mismatched sock, but many will not find the effort worthwhile. For those who appreciate a cheapskate in their element, the response will be, “Genius!”

You will want to be a member of any mailing list that a Rat manages. Their ability to access information, analyze it, and share how to circumvent challenges or access a deal in startling detail is always impressive. While the information may sometimes seem like a hodgepodge of disconnected items, you will find yourself looking through your inbox or scrolling through messages to find a little detail from a few weeks ago that is now indispensable. Treasure these bits of communication and know that you are part of a Rat’s inner circle, because for them sharing knowledge is a generous gift. Even better, be sure to send them a quick note of thanks. Everyone likes to be recognized for great work, but the Rat all the more so. They may be quiet about showing how touched they are, but they will relish the praise. One should note that those who don’t reach out in response to them are often pruned from the Rat’s mailing list. The Rat native avoids pestering people when possible, so in the absence of any clues to how their notes are being received, you will just stop getting them one day. So be sure to speak up if you want to stay in the know.

The more introverted members of the sign like the ability to pop in and out of view as they please, so it’s no surprise that they enjoy being a bit incognito, especially with regard to social networks. Private and selective, these Rats will actively manage their settings, carefully segmenting connections and drawing a line between work and home life. While they love the idea of being connected to family and friends and learning from interesting people, they often lurk in the shadows, making sure they can only be reached by people they know and trust.

The native of the year of the Rat will be successful in whatever they choose to do because Rats adapt themselves to the situation at hand. They have the ability to cope with difficulties and are at their best during a crisis. Levelheaded and alert, they possess keen intuition and foresight. Adversity merely serves to sharpen their wits, as they are always busy cooking up some scheme. One can’t blame them—they just thrive on challenges.

There is no need to worry about the Rat’s safety, as they always check out the back door when entering. They do this in case they have to make a quick or untimely exit from the scene. Self-preservation is high on their list of priorities, and they usually find the path with the fewest repercussions. If you want to get out of trouble fast, follow the Rat’s course. They have a built-in alarm system and a defense mechanism that rarely fails.

Their stumbling block is being overambitious. They try to do too much too soon, and as a result they scatter their energies. If they can avoid doing this and persevere in finishing what they’ve started, a person of this sign will end up wealthy, which is just as well, as the Rat loves money!

Despite the Rat’s inborn ability to sense danger, they often have great difficulty relying on their own sound judgment because they simply cannot pass up bargains and so-called “great deals.” Alas, they end up falling into the proverbial trap. They will have no problems in life if they can only conquer their greed and quit while they are ahead. The covetous Rat has to suffer at least one large financial blow in their lifetime before they learn that avarice does not pay. However, it is most unlikely that you’ll find a poor Rat native; and if you do, well, with their resourcefulness, you can bet they will not remain poor for long. It would be totally out of character for them not to have a nest egg hidden away somewhere.

Being the true sentimentalist of the Chinese cycle, the Rat is not only deeply attached to their children but to their elders as well. Parents who have children born in this year can be sure their kids will go on to love and care for them well. Unlike the Dragon child, who may demand perfection of their parents, the Rat child will have infinite trust in their parents, cater to their needs, and overlook their shortcomings. Many Rats go into the medical profession just so they can provide health care for their parents. For parents with multiple children, those born in the year of the Rat will be most willing to have their parents live with them in their old age. Rats also make excellent doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

The Rat is a natural caregiver and thrives on bringing order out of chaos. Rats revel in making their house a home, and lucky you if you are along for the ride. Roommates and partners benefit from the Rat’s constant foresight and thoughtfulness. From planning meals to organizing big birthday dinners, the Rat stays on top of what the calendar will bring. And when a Rat becomes a parent, look out—the already seamless operation will go into overdrive. Social activities, volunteer events, and community involvement will be energized with the motivation that comes from setting a good example. Rats are the connective glue for many social groups.

The time of the day when they were born plays an important role in the Rat’s way of life. Needless to say, one born in the evening will have a more hectic and strenuous life (night Rats scurry around constantly in search of food) than Rats born during the quiet of the day.

The Rat person will be attracted to people of the Ox sign, finding them strong, reliable, and appreciative of the devotion that will come their way. Equally compatible with the Rat will be the mighty Dragon people. Likewise, the Rat finds the Snake attractive and intelligent, and may make a suitable alliance with them. Power and brilliance captivate the Rat, and that is why they will always fall for the irresistible Monkey. They admire the clever Monkey’s way of doing things, and the Monkey will be overjoyed to find the Rat on his own cunning wavelength. Tiger, Dog, Boar, and another Rat will have no trouble teaming up with a Rat.

The Rat will come into conflict with persons born under the Horse sign. The Horse is just too independent and changeable to please the clannish Rat. The two could never team up well and find harmony. It would also be unwise for the Rat to marry the Rooster, an intrepid dreamer, who will exasperate the practical Rat to no end. Their constant arguments and mutual fault-finding will bear little fruit. A marriage with the Sheep is similarly questionable; the indulgent Sheep may squander the Rat’s hard-earned savings and fail to appreciate the Rat’s practical, frugal ways.

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