Friday, September 25, 2020

Career Horoscope December 2020

all signs career predictions december 2020

Aries Career Predictions December 2020

Following laws and regulations can lead to delays and limitations to do with your business plans – following rules and dealing with ethical issues can be onerous, especially for small businesses. It can feel that much time is wasted on admin, follow-ups, and compliance issues rather that doing work that is productive. This is not the best month for your promotions and publicity campaigns, and so best to do those in November. Travel in connection with work may yield results which are both good and bad; in the main, it may not be worth the effort. It is very important to comply with legal issues especially to do with copyright and intellectual property matters. Detail matters, and yet as the month goes on, your concentration and ability to deal with finer points tends to go out the window – you can be rather careless and sloppy; it is almost as if you have checked out mentally. This is why it is best to deal with things earlier in the month. All in all a very good year for work, but December is the time to wind down and totally forget it, even if only for the Christmas week.

Taurus Career Predictions December 2020

This is an important month for your business and career – certain long-term relationships will end at the end of 2020. When I talk of relationships ending, I mean that someone who was a mentor to you may leave to take up a new post, and you may feel a sense of loss; your department may be dissolved, and you may be redeployed; a fellow colleague may get a new job; your job next year may involve more travel or more work from home. In a self-employed situation, you may have to work differently in 2021 due to law changes or you may begin to work with new companies or industries. There is a changing of the guard or an ‘endings’ theme at work, where you know that when you return in 2021 things will be very different – this can lead to sadness and yet excitement over new challenges. This month marks the end of a phase at work or in your career – let it all go and move on. Use this as a chance to bury hatchets and forget failures. The good and bad is all in the past and only the future matters.

Gemini Career Predictions December 2020

You are highly imaginative and inspired, and your Christmas promotions or events will have more than the usual degree of sparkle. Public relations in connection with any entertainment event are favoured. Sometimes, what goes on at work on a subtle level can be more important than the overt actions; thus, you cannot ignore any gut feelings you have, no matter how vague. Gemini should not try to logically work out their competitors; factual interpretations will only give you a part of the picture, and so you need to react to all your perceptions, experiences of those people, etc., and factor them in. Get ready for verbal confrontations, and make sure you have the facts clear in your head as you will need to show that you are well informed and have information at hand. Do not be caught out not knowing all the facts and how they relate to the current project. Your competitors at work will look for chinks in your knowledge, do not let them find any. This is not the best month for putting forward proposals to people in authority as their mind will be elsewhere (no surprise given the time of year), and they will not give you a fair hearing. This month is also not ideal for giving lectures or making public appearances; press releases should be done in November if necessary for your seasonal marketing.

Cancer Career Predictions December 2020

With Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn in your 6th house of work and routines, you can expect hiccoughs and problems to arise, which is why I said to make sure all orders were placed early November. Routines can be thrown off, and you will have to adapt on the spur of the moment, and so do not assume everything will all go to plan. Last-minute cancellations, staff members sick or quitting, services you rely on being delayed or unavailable can mean you are stretched and may have to make last-minute alternate arrangements. Things that have been worrying you, but which you failed to attend to can now rear their head and demand to be ironed out just when you have less time than usual. Relations with colleagues are pushed to the limit this month, and any underlying tensions will come to the surface. In some cases, tensions are due to uncertainty some are feeling about the following year, and you will need to reassure and even guide those people. It may come down to you Some of the problems you encounter this month can actually work in your favour by showing to you a new and better way to do things. Creatively, you may feel frustrated as technical details can interrupt the flow of ideas, but you are being reminded that being creative is not just about ideas, it is about structure, skills, and application of knowledge. You need to tighten up the skilful side of your art or be more practical about the way you promote your work. Creativity does not exist in a vacuum; it can only thrive when you are organised and systematic about the way you plan, promote, and conduct the business side.

Leo Career Predictions December 2020

This is a very hectic month for teachers; try and schedule well and leave yourself added time for mishaps and issues which may arise to disrupt classes or exams. Children you deal with can be very hyperactive and hard to control; your ability to hold discipline and keep your cool will be tested. Exchange rates can move against you in the first part of the month and so use your preferred mechanism to protect against this. Stocks and shares may also be very volatile this month and so be prepared for some short-run losses. This is not the best month to invest as information may be subject to rapid change, and so what looks like a good bet can be the opposite the next day. This is not a good time for betting or speculating. It is possible that you will get a career opportunity this month that will be connected with a location move; this can present a dilemma as your partner may not be able to relocate (regarding his job) in the short run and so you may find yourself looking into options for travel or new living arrangements for the short and medium term. You may also have a chance to work in another country for a few months, and you will have to convince your partner diplomatically that it is the right thing for you both. If you have already planned a relocation for the New Year, it will work out very well. In some cases, Leo feel this December that they have exhausted the opportunities in their current locale and need to up sticks and move to greener pastures – this could mean a move to a bigger city or a country where there are far more opportunities. Conditions from now until March are favourable, and there will be progress with benefits. Someone prominent may come into your life right now and lead you onto bigger and better things. The financial position improves towards the end of the month.

Virgo Career Predictions December 2020

Virgo are into volunteering this December, and you may do that on a personal level or within your business. While this can be wonderful to do for yourself and those involved, you need to be wary of over-committing yourself and finding that you do not have as much time or money left over to fulfil your promises. So if you do plan to open up your restaurant to the homeless or even loan a tractor to tow Santa about the local town, think ahead as when the time comes these things can end up being a headache – make sure you are hands-on about the planning to minimise glitches. This month you are all about spreading cheer, and in your business, you will be eager to pass on generous savings or special offers to clients and customers – of course, this will generate much goodwill for the New Year. Make sure you use all promotional activities as opportunities to collect data as this is an ideal month for building client lists. This is a very busy month for those who are involved in printing, publishing (especially seasonal books, i.e., Christmas cooking, cocktails, diet books, horoscopes, calendars, etc.); you may run much later than you anticipated, and so there can be a big rush as December wears on. There can be a quality speed trade off this month – you will have to compromise on one or the other, and so this presents you with a dilemma as failing to fulfil can do as much damage as poor quality. Work on a plan on how to minimise damage caused by this problem – can you outsource, take on casual staff, offer discounts/vouchers for later delivery or offer your clients a variation on the service, etc.? December is also a really profitable month for businesses that focus on themed events, i.e., retro (music, hair, clothing); medieval; burlesque or even Star Wars themes. More businesses will be looking for unusual themes for their end of year events, and you can make a name for yourself. This is a very good year end for all promotional and publicity related activities. December is all very exciting for anyone in the Independent Media regarding listener or viewer numbers.

Libra Career Predictions December 2020

In many ways, transport problems, postal delays or logistical problems due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances can actually play to your advantage by providing you more time, more leeway or even more bargaining power. Not every problem is as bad as it seems; this is certainly a cloud with a silver lining month. This is a very inventive and future orientated month where you can draw up plans for the next year, especially plans for book plots, fashion design ideas, graphic design, computer app development or any creative and progressive plan. You are feeling quite inspired and also enthusiastic for the coming year regarding work. You can suddenly see patterns and trends and are confident that despite previous concerns, things are working together for good – the hard work is done, and the puzzle pieces are indeed falling into place. This is also a very good month for Librans who make predictions, i.e., economic models, political projections, climate change modelling, financial growth or even psychic or tarot predictions. You have a better intuitive understanding of the relevant factors and context than your colleagues and can have great accuracy. The only real problem this month is a tendency to be too idealistic and not apply yourself to practicalities with enough zeal.

Scorpio Career Predictions December 2020

It is wise to be careful with cash flow this month – do not count on money until it clears into your account. Mercury retrograde can cause delays in payments, banking glitches or invoicing problems, and so watch those areas. Make sure you have plenty of cash in hand, just in case due to weather or a banking problem cash machines are closed in the run-up to the holidays. Pay bills a few days earlier as websites being down may make paying them on the due day impossible. Clients may be slower to pay, which can have a knock-on effect on your business, and so this is not a good month for incurring unnecessary expenses. Scorpio will have to do a strong push during December to make sure they reach targets needed to ensure bonus payments – do not take anything for granted, follow up on all your clients, and get those orders in. This is a very busy month for those who work in accounts, admin, and finance – it can be quite an unpredictable time, and you may have to work extra hard to keep on top of events. This month, your work socials or your customer seasonal events will be very pleasant and successful and should proceed without the usual stress. December is also very good for running promotions and customer incentives – these can increase sales. Those who work in hairdressing, nail technicians, the beauty industry or fashion can have a very successful December. This month is also very profitable for those who manage or promote the arts, i.e., concert sales, theatre bookings, and other entertainment events. This is a very good year end career-wise for Scorpio, and you will look forward to 2021 with confidence.

Sagittarius Career Predictions December 2020

This month is perfect for taking on varied tasks, artistic challenges or entertaining others. You have a great deal of energy, but that energy is used best when released; for example, you may use your energy in healing therapies like reiki, chiro, or reflexology. You may also release that energy in a performance capacity where you give your all regarding singing, dancing, or acting. You may also use that energy to shout your support at a sporting match or cheer on your team. This is not a very good month for presentations, interviews, or starting any teaching orientated career. You are best to put off anything related to communication as you are not in the right frame of mind for putting across logical, detailed arguments – you may well overlook facts or not give of your best due to equipment malfunctions. This month is excellent for communicating on a subconscious level – you have a powerful ability to persuade others by tapping into unexpressed fears and angers. While your own anger can hinder you, if you can access the anger or anxiety of others and offer a solution or your understanding, you can have a great influence on their life. Sagittarians are very good at working on the subconscious level of life – you can hone in on what is not obvious and tap into those emotions, and this can give you an edge. Sagittarius will shun reports, data, graphs, and statistics when making decisions in business or their work; you will rely on personal experience, gut feel, and your instinctive understanding of your subject based on years of work to make decisions that are spot on. You seem to see what others are missing, and you can use that to your advantage when making up a strategy or taking key decisions.

Capricorn Career Predictions December 2020

This month is very beneficial for Capricorns aiming to reach targets for the purpose of achieving a bonus. Regarding important long-terms goals, you need to sit back and let it be. The clichĂ© about a kettle watched not boiling is very apt. Nothing of significance is likely to happen until 2021. You will find that the organisations, bureaucrats, or people in power have checked out mentally and will not be looking at proposals, making decisions or conducting anything of vital importance this month. So, it is quite OK to put things off until 2021, and you should – give yourself a chance to rest mentally, and do not waste effort rushing to finish and submit before year end. In general terms, there may be moves going on behind the scenes that will surprise you come 2021 – you may have just caught someone’s eye, and in 2021 you will receive a communication that is most welcome. If you work in a big organisation, you may find this month very frustrating; you are likely to find communications systems and computer networks fail or are unreliable. If you do work in a communications or public relations department for a public utility or government department, you need to be very careful with how you deal with the press as words can easily be misused or misconstrued – you may want to go direct to the public via Facebook or Twitter to make sure the message gets out as was intended. Social events that take place this December, as well as Christmas events for your clients can have added significance for your year ahead – they can set the tone for your message, your modus operandi or mission statement. A key theme for 2021 is how you promote your business or garner new clients via throwing events, attending events or conference, giving lectures or doing exhibits. One thing you should not forget to do before the year end is to book your place at key trade fairs or conventions. Work on what your message is – success often depends on a clear message, and so make sure your message is clear and appealing.

Aquarius Career Predictions December 2020

You are bursting with ideas and are quite frustrated that with it being the end of year, everyone else seems to be winding down and checking out mentally. It can be hard for you to find people with similar enthusiasm to bounce your ideas off on. You need to keep track of all your thoughts and start working through your ideas, even without support from others. You may find that when you cannot get input from others about key aspects of your plan, you need to go looking elsewhere, and you end up with far better and broader information. This is not the best time for networking, and so even if you do meet many new people at Christmas get-togethers and exchange numbers, many of them may have exaggerated their abilities and may turn out to be useless as business contacts for 2021. You may find that many of your regular contacts lack follow through this month, and it is up to you to fill the gap or go hunting for new service providers. Somehow your past contacts, loyalty, and regular business dealings do not seem to count for much. This is a positive year for those exhibiting or selling at Christmas markets. This is an excellent month for all Aquarians in retail or the supply of luxury goods. Business is swift in December and promotions are very successful. In any career where you use your personality to sell yourself or your products, you can do well as you are projecting with great enthusiasm and a positive vibe. Those who sell lifestyle, beauty, and aspirational products will also have a very good year end. Businesswise the year ends on a very positive note.

Pisces Career Predictions December 2020

Some of the best decisions you make this month are ones that are made on the hoof – the plans you have made well in advance may need sudden adaptation or review, and this can mean that the plan becomes better than you have previously imagined. In some cases, this is a month of back to the drawing board – but you should not be disheartened as you can actually produce a better product second time around. You do need to be careful to back up data and also keep data confidential, especially if it is sensitive or tied to a special date. You must also keep your client data confidential. You need to look out for your work being plagiarised, and you must take action; be sure your work is properly copyrighted. Those who work as press officers and in public relations need to be careful of the information you put out as things are changing fast, and what is correct at 2 p.m. may have changed by 4 p.m., and so disclaimers are essential or you should put in a comment such as, “this information is correct as of 2 p.m., but is subject to change,” or suchlike. Do be careful when challenging or correcting your superiors; you may be able to see a glaring error or faux part on the part of your superior, but you need to be very delicate about the way you inform them or broach the matter; be highly diplomatic as they are not likely to be happy to be caught out it this way, and so spare their blushes. Your motto for this month is, “do not shoot the messenger” as you may be the one who has to be at the forefront of delivering bad news or dealing with frustrated clients. The month is fast-paced and hectic with rapidly changing circumstances, but things should quieten down and resolve themselves happily before Christmas. It is a busy Christmas season, and there may be logistical issues regarding having products ready, but sales should be swift and your bottom line impressive.

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