Monday, September 14, 2020

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope December 2020

capricorn weekly horoscope december 2020
capricorn weekly predictions for december 2020

Capricorn First Week Predictions for December 2020

Between 1st & 3rd some accident or some untoward incident may happen. Hurdles in the endeavours for earning money are many during this phase. Mentally you may be quite aggressive. You must cool down as high aggressiveness may give you some disease. You may remain quite irritable. Between 3rd & 5th evening you may get some mental relief as the Moon will be in your sign. You’ll work with a missionary zeal. Between 6th & 7th you’ll work well and take adequate rest as well.

Capricorn Second Week Predictions for December 2020

Between 8th & 9th your all sources of income will be active. May get support from a close friend. You’ll exploit this good phase effectively. Between 10th & 11th you may have a fight in family which may adversely impact upon your health as you’d be stretching your physical capacity beyond limit. Property dispute may crop up among brothers. Between 12th & 13th the students will remain engrossed in their target and may also achieve that. You’ll face every situation quite boldly. Between 14th & 15th the lady natives will get a very favourable phase.

Capricorn Third Week Predictions for December 2020

Between 16th & 18th good professional conditions will prevail. May get a hefty order but your margin of profit may not be much. This shall be quite a peaceful time. You’ll be able to accomplish most of your pending jobs. However, between 19th & 20th you may receive an untoward news about your some relations. Journey if undertaken will be hazardous. Better postpone your important decisions for the time being. You’ll have to be very cautious in maintaining your good social image. Between 21st & 22nd a child-birth in the family (if due) may delight you all. On 23rd you may have to spend some money in maintaining your some old landed property or old vehicle.

Capricorn Fourth Week Predictions for December 2020

Between 24th & 25th you may go out for sightseeing trip, although professional duties may keep you tied. But you shall take adequate care of your health. Between 26th & 28th you’ll have a swell time in the company of your spouse. You’ll ensure more comforts for your family members. You’ll work honestly in your profession. Between 29th & 30th the tide may not be favourable. Keep a check on your tongue and use no vulgar terms in your conversation with others. Your bout with nostalgia may make you more sad. You will be rather late in finishing your work no matter how you try. But between 30th & 31st the tide will be favourable. You’ll have your targets achieved. May attend a party to welcome the new year.

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