Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Capricorn December 2020

capricorn in december 2020

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope December 2020

This is a month when you are well within your rights to be lazy. There is a harmonious feel good factor, and you will have one of the happiest, contented and enjoyable Christmas periods for a while. It is best not to plan too much regarding work for this period as you will not be in the frame of mind for strenuous effort or concentration. Obviously, there will unavoidably be commitments, but you should take care not to over-commit or pack your schedule as you will be missing out on the joy available this season.

Like last month, you are feeling rather vital and will have plenty of energy for the seasonal activities; you will often be a driving force for shopping, decorating, and gifting. The great thing about this month is that you are highly effective, and thus you should be able to complete your work in time to clear the deck for enjoyable activities.

There is the feeling within you that you need to press on, put pressure on yourself and work harder – this would be fruitless. You have done all you need to do, and more harm than good can be done by tinkering. The big lesson Capricorn need to learn this December is when enough is enough and how to switch off. Use this holiday season to rediscover the old-fashioned joys that do not involve technology – in fact, a technology vacation is ideal for your mental health and revitalisation this Christmas.

capricorn monthly love horoscope december 2020

Capricorn Love Horoscope December 2020

This is an excellent month for all relationships as you feel relaxed, giving, loving, and ready to have fun.

You are not in the mood for heavy discussions, and you may avoid all debate altogether as this is not just avoidance but a good strategy. You are unlikely to make any progress on the intellectual side of the debate, but you can rather make an impression by being affectionate and passionate in the bedroom.

Basically, words should give way to action this Christmas; actions and not deeds. Forget defending yourself or trying to rationalise your needs or behaviour, just begin acting in the way you wish to go on in 2021 – this includes being demonstrative, generous, helping out, and taking time in the bedroom.

The best advice for Capricorns in relationships is that you should put everything out of your head and concentrate on having fun, letting go, and just enjoying the moment. Live in the moment; forget the past and present.

This can be a healing time, leading to a new start for relationships next year.

It is a very good time for new relationships to begin as long as expectations are kept appropriate – focus on enjoyment, fun, and leave the serious stuff to 2021.

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