Monday, September 21, 2020

Cancer December 2020

cancer in december 2020

Cancer Monthly Horoscope December 2020

Promotions and bonuses are likely as a reward for good performance and extra responsibility; however, since this is a very unpredictable and slightly unorthodox month regarding work, you may not be sure up until the very last minute if you have made the deadline or reached the target, and this can be stressful but also quite exciting.

Health issues right now may be due to nutritional deficiencies, and it is worth having a test to see if you are short of any vitamins or minerals or vitamin D; calcium and deficiencies can have a greater detrimental effect regarding energy and peculiar conditions than you would imagine. Diets where you avoid certain food groups, i.e., ketogenic, paleo, or vegetarian can be very successful now.

It is important not to overindulge this Christmas as your body is less likely to bounce back fast after excesses in terms of food and alcohol, and you may feel very lethargic. It is important to listen to the lessons your body is giving you right now as if you are more aware of the effects certain foods have on you, you can make changes that are more individualistic than just following the crowd. Resist peer pressure when it comes to diet and exercise and stick with what works for you – one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Things are rather rushed in the run up to Christmas with Mercury retrograde, and yet it does turn direct on Dec 23, and so despite feeling all over the place and being more disorganised than you would like, things should pan out right just in time for a relaxing Christmas, which provides escapism and a welcome mental break before 2021.

You will do a lot of thinking over the holidays, and some of it could result in a reassessment of where you want your life to go; there is the chance for some profound realisations.

cancer monthly love horoscope december 2020

Cancer Love Horoscope December 2020

Relationships which have a strong friendship element may actually go off the boil as you experience a shift in interest and priorities. So if you met your current partner via your social circle, and if you have a very similar group of friends, you may find yourself disconnecting from those same friends as your interests undergo a subtle but definite change, and this may shoot cracks through the foundations of your relationship.

Relationships where there are mutual understandings and care will fair very well, and these are the relationships which are thriving this month and into next year. In marriages and also new relationships, it is important that you share a vision for the future, and Cancer are an aspirational sign who like challenges and are highly goal-orientated. You are thinking quite seriously now about goals and aims for the next two years, and so you need a partner who likes to dream big with you and share in that vision, not only supporting you but believing in you. Relationships in which there is both faith and trust will do extremely well right now regarding romance and the fulfilment the relationship brings to you.

In relationships where there are few shared goals or visions of the future, there will be problems and lack of cohesion – sexual energy will be more aggressive or forced and not as loving. It may be that these relationships need hard work or perhaps some time apart for you both to think about what you want for the relationship and each other.

It may be down to you to inspire your partner with your vision for the future, so create goals and dreams together and go forward into 2020 revitalised as a couple.

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